During the summer, many mothers find that their babies are too hot to eat breast milk or milk powder, such as the usual seven or eight times a day to eat breast milk, now only eat three or four times, so little food, it is very anxious for mothers. Hot weather can lead to less saliva secretion and lower appetite for children. Babies in the neonatal stage or months and nights are nourished mainly by breast milk, milk powder or a mixture of the two, so anorexia caused by poor appetite cannot be improved by adding supplements. So, what’s wrong with feeding your baby in summer?

1, if your baby is breast-feeding –

Since the baby’s appetite is not good, the daily feeding can not be as the original, too much feeding will cause digestive burden on the baby, more affect the appetite. Usually one side of the breast each lactation for about 10 minutes, then the summer can be reduced to 5 minutes each time; if normally every time to the baby lactation seven or eight times a day, then you can feed more than 10 times a day. In short, it is “eat less and eat more”, so every little weight will not cause the baby’s antipathy. Another way is to feed babies at any time according to their needs. The remaining milk can be squeezed out first and stored in a freezer.

Although proper breast-feeding can provide adequate nutrition for the baby, the standard of eight glasses of water per person per day can not be guaranteed by breast milk alone. Therefore, in addition to breast-feeding mothers should also give the baby boiled water, let the baby supplement the water lost in summer, can promote the baby’s saliva, gastric juice secretion, enhance appetite.

2, if your baby is a mixed feeding or artificial feeding.

When diluting milk powder in the milk powder may as well add more water, water to dilute the milk powder, and in the feeding time also need to pay attention to, should wait for milk powder after a little warming, this can also be a good prevention of fire.

Milk powder should be prepared and eaten now. For families whose main food is milk powder, milk powder should be prepared and used now. Milk utensils should be disinfected before use. Warm boiled water should be used for milk powder to keep the best taste of milk powder.

The order of breast milk and milk powder feeding can be adjusted appropriately to bring the baby taste bud freshness.

“Eat less and eat more” also applies to babies fed with mixed or artificial feeding.


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