9 Improper Feeding of Newborns

Have you become a novice mother and become fully aware of feeding your baby? Perhaps you will make some mistakes too!

1. My milk hasn’t come down, let the baby eat milk powder first!

Babies can start breastfeeding within half an hour of birth, and can last for half an hour each time. Even if there is no milk, they should breastfeed. After childbirth, it is advisable to have both mother and baby in the same room, allowing the baby to suck on their nipples more. This not only enhances emotions, but also promotes milk secretion due to the baby’s sucking.

The secretion of milk is influenced by various factors. Eating more diluted juices, such as chicken soup, fish soup, and rib soup, can have a certain effect on increasing milk. At the same time, mothers should maintain a good mental state, maintain emotional stability, be happy in spirit, avoid worry and anger, and have the confidence and enthusiasm to be competent in breastfeeding babies. Poor emotions can lead to reduced lactation, even milk retention, and bring more trouble.

2. The newly secreted milk looks so dirty, it’s better to squeeze it out!

Colostrum is the milk secreted by a pregnant woman one week after delivery, which is light yellow, sticky (not actually dirty), in small amounts, and very precious. Colostrum is rich in nutrients, which can increase babies’ disease resistance and protect their healthy growth. Colostrum can also help babies excrete meconium and clean the intestines. Therefore, even mothers with minimal breast milk or those who are preparing not to breastfeed must always feed their babies colostrum.

3. It’s so sleepy at night, it’s better to lie down and breastfeed comfortably!

Postpartum fatigue, coupled with constant breastfeeding and diaper changing during the day, makes the mother very sleepy at night. When encountering a baby crying at night, the mother may feel very annoyed. Sometimes, by putting a nipple into the baby’s mouth, the baby stops crying even after receiving the milk, and the mother may fall asleep again, which is very dangerous. Because the baby is very close to the mother when breastfeeding, a sleeping mother can easily press down on the baby’s nostrils, which could lead to tragedy. To avoid this, it is best for the mother to sit up during night feeding.


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