Backstage every day, many mothers consult the baby to drink milk.

To tell you the truth, only parents who are parents can understand the tension of novice parents. Because there is no experience, we should study every question carefully.

So today, Le Ma is going to pick up a lot of milk with everyone.

First of all, breastfeeding babies are, of course, feeding on demand.

Secondly, the amount of milk that babies are fed artificially is different because each child’s weight, growth rate, appetite and constitution are different, and even if the same child, each meal of milk will be different, so there is no book, a person can tell you exactly how much the baby should be fed each meal, only A reference recommendation is given.

Regarding the amount of formula milk, the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics are:

A few days after birth, it can reach 60-90 milliliters at a time, about 3-4 hours.

After the full moon, every 120 milliliters or more, about 4 hours to eat once, suckling has been quite regular.

In 6 months, 180-240 milliliters, 4-5 times a day.

The amount of milk consumed by infants should not exceed 960 milliliters per day.

There is no absolute truth. How much a baby eats is the key to individualization.

Perhaps you still feel, why is the scope so wide that we can’t give it any more details?

But in fact, this is really to their parents to master, early on, according to the average recommendation to prepare, and then according to the baby’s own performance to increase or decrease, if every time there is left, then the average recommendation is more, less next time, and vice versa.

There are no shortcuts to parenting, the best way for your baby, only the parents who know the baby best to find out!

Let’s listen to Dr Cui Yutao’s detailed explanation. The content comes from the Pacific Parent-Child Network – Parent-Child Classroom – “Does the formula powder have to be fed according to the recommended amount”:

“Any book, or guide, or whatever, has a general recommendation for the amount of food to be fed, which refers to the average intake of children of this age, which means, on average, that many children will be lower than this, many children will be higher than this, the average plus one.

Why give an average recommendation, let alone an average, parents have no idea, but the average recommendation means that you prepare your child according to the average recommendation, if he eats a little bit this time, it means that the average recommendation is low for him, next time can be a little more, if said Feed your child an average recommended amount of food, but each time it’s left, it means the average recommended amount is higher for him, so you can feed less next time and prepare less.

Do not think that this is an absolutely unchanged truth, the actual is to let your first feeding, how do you prepare, such as the average recommendation is 150 milliliters, you prepare 90, that will never feel owed, how much owed, probably no number, then according to 150 preparation, he can eat 150, not a drop left, next time According to the 160 preparation, if every time there are 10 milliliters, the original intake is 140.

Parents have to master this, the recommended amount will soon be, a degree of individualization, parents to master the individualization, do not think that is the truth, if the truth is then troublesome. People all over the world, eat the same thing at the same time, eat the same amount, the world can’t exist, so parents must be careful, the recommended amount is just let, when the beginning of intervention to start feeding a test value, test results, children tell us, not parents to decide! “


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