How much milk should a newborn eat a day? How many times a day? How much at a time? There are individual differences in the amount of food for newborns.

How much milk should a newborn eat a day

According to the observation, half a month to a month’s newborn: the number of times a day to milk less than 6 to 7 times, more than 12 to 13 times;

The amount of milk is 60-70 ml for each time, and 150-180 ml for each time;

Each feeding time is less than 10 minutes, more than 30 minutes;

The interval between feeding is less than 1.5-2 hours, and more than 4-5 hours.

Some mothers are anxious when they see that other people’s children can eat better than their own children and grow fatter than their own children. They try every means to make their children eat more, and even force their children to finish the only 10ml of milk left in the bottle. How could they know that this is a big mistake. The results of forced eating will increase the burden on the liver and kidney of children, which may lead to children’s refusal to eat milk; The result of forced eating will also lead to psychological damage, eventually resulting in anorexia, affecting the physical and mental health of children. So, is there a reference value for mother to rest assured?

According to the child’s weight, age and physiological needs, we can recommend a simple calculation method. Neonatal heat demand: the first week, 60 kcal / kg body weight · day; At 2-3 weeks, 100kcal / kg · D; Water requirement: 120-150ml / kg · D

Take the first week of birth as an example

Daily calorie demand: 3kg × 60kcal/kg·d=180kcal/d? He’s in the middle of nowhere

(1) breast feeding: every 100ml of breast milk contains 67 kcal.

180 kcal ÷ 67kcal / 100ml ≈ 269ml

The stomach volume of newborn was 30-60ml

  269ml ÷ 8 times ≈ 34 ml / time

(2) artificial feeding: 5-8% sugar milk can provide 100 kcal of heat per 100 ml, and 180 kcal / D of heat is provided by 180 ml of milk (with sugar).

Note: gastric emptying of milk is slow, up to 3-4 hours, 6-8 times a day, 30-22.5ml each time.

After a similar calculation, you can combine the baby’s birth weight with the weight changes in the process of growing up, calculate how much milk your baby should eat at present, and reasonably arrange the number of times to eat. As for whether the arrangement is appropriate, it should be evaluated by your baby’s performance.

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