Many parents are faced with the trouble of choosing toys for their babies. Sometimes they feel that it’s OK to give them toys casually, and they don’t know how to play at all. But if parents choose the right toys for their babies, they can stimulate their potential and improve their intelligence, let them know the time around them in their own unique way, and also actively absorb the information in the surrounding environment.

Toys suitable for 0-2 months old

0-2 months old shake the toy (rattle, flower bell stick, etc.) shake the rattle to let the baby find the sound source and hearing ability

Let the baby grasp the rattle, shake fine action, causality

Music toys let baby listen to sound, auditory ability, happy mood

The activity toys attract the baby’s sight and follow the activity visual ability of the toys

Mirror let the baby look in the mirror, observe their self-awareness

Hanging toys at the head of the bed, can attract the baby’s sight, sound, visual and auditory ability

Pictures (portraits, black and white pictures with certain patterns) are hung at the head of the bed or pasted on the wall to let the baby watch the visual ability

3-4 months

Pay special attention to the safety of toys for babies of this age. First of all, the paint and material should be non-toxic, so as to avoid danger when the baby puts the toy into his mouth; second, the beads and sewn decorations in the toy should not fall off easily, and the size of the toy should not be smaller than the baby’s fist, so as to avoid suffocation caused by the baby’s eating.

From 3 months, the baby can initially distinguish a variety of colors, and is interested in color (especially yellow and red). To provide colorful toys for the baby can promote the development of the baby’s color recognition ability.

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Page 1: toys for 0-2 months old

Page 2: toys for 3-4 months old

Page 3: toys for 5-6 months old

Page 4: toys for 7-9 months old

Page 5: toys for 10-12 months old


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