When you look down at a newborn sleeping in your arms, you can’t help feeling how amazing the work of raising a baby is. But before long, this magic will collide with your new life.

How to Raise 0-4 Months Babies Abroad

For a mother, every move of a baby can attract her mother’s attention. Whether the baby is hungry, sleepy or sick, everything has to be explored by herself for a mother who has raised her baby for the first time.

For Dad, this experience is unusual, but every moment is tense. After all, he’s a kid and totally dependent on you. You may feel an overwhelming tenderness, unlike anything you’ve ever felt before. And you may feel a great sense of responsibility – how do you raise him? How do you ensure his safety? Maybe you feel uncertain about how to deal with and comfort him and what relationship you have with him?

All these emotions, including many that are not mentioned here but will meet unexpectedly, together with reducing sleep in order to take care of children, will help you understand why love and forgiveness are so important for first-time parents.

2. Children’s “meal” time

When you feed your child, you have to make him feel safe in his own world.

1. If your new baby can talk

Crying is the best way for babies to communicate with the outside world at this time. In this way, parents can know: I’m wet, or need to be hugged, or I may be hungry. If my mother heard me crying, she would come over and touch my cheek gently, and I would automatically turn my head and start sucking. So the child learns to be an excellent communicator! It’s great when my mother holds me in her arms and watches me speak to me gently while I eat. At this time, when I want something, I must achieve my goal, otherwise I will cry. But soon, I can learn to wait a minute or two.

Some common parenting errors: shaking babies can easily damage their brains and make babies sleep better tomorrow

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