Babies sometimes have severe diarrhea: more than ten times a day, up to dozens of times, watery stool, vomiting, fever, gray complexion, restlessness, even coma, convulsions, and dehydration, electrolyte disorders and other symptoms. One thing we should pay special attention to. For neonatal diarrhea, parents should be careful to use oral supplementary liquid therapy. In the course of family treatment, if the number and quantity of diarrhea increase, children can not eat normally, frequent vomiting, obvious thirst, fever over 38 C, they should go to the hospital to see a doctor. Doctors can consider whether intravenous infusion is needed to correct dehydration according to the situation of children.

1. Pay attention to the child’s abdomen to keep warm. Children’s abdomen is susceptible to cold, and children with diarrhea, intestinal peristalsis has increased, if the abdomen is cooled again, intestinal peristalsis is faster, thus aggravating the disease.

2. Pay attention to protecting the child’s buttocks. As the number of defecation increases, the skin and mucosa around the anus must be damaged to varying degrees. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the anus area in nursing care, gently scrub and apply some grease ointment after washing to prevent red buttocks, and timely replacement of diapers to avoid skin ulceration caused by friction between diapers impregnated with fecal urine and skin.


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