Because the baby’s gastrointestinal function is too fragile, mixed feeding easy to cause digestive disorders in newborn babies, so mixed feeding to novice parents brought a lot of trouble. Most of the newcomers do not know how to judge the cause of dyspepsia in mixed feeding babies. In fact, as long as mothers learn to observe the characteristics of baby’s stool, they can understand the digestion of their babies.

Mother question: my baby’s stool has foam, water and diarrhea and pull up 2-8 times a day, from time to time fart will also collapse a little stool. So far, it has been pulled for 20 days. It was only once in three or four days, and it was very dry. To hear the doctor say carbohydrates are dyspepsia, they must reduce or even stop feeding starch foods. Baby is a mixture of feeding, how to digest normal, how is indigestion?

Observe the stool and digest the baby.

If parents look at their baby’s stool more closely, they will have experience of what changes in the quality of your baby’s stool are contained in your baby’s food and milk, what chemical reactions are taking place in your baby’s stomach, what kind of stool is abnormal, and where the abnormalities are in your baby’s stomach. In fact, dyspepsia is a mild fecal disorder, if parents find that the baby has the above phenomenon, just pay attention to the child’s diet, slightly reduce the burden of the baby’s digestive system, appropriate to reduce the amount of food can be.


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