Nowadays, most of the novice mothers are office workers, life rhythm is fast, mental stress, heavy work tasks, childbearing age is on the high side, milk is on the low side, it is difficult to meet the needs of the baby, mixed feeding has become the choice of more mothers. But mixed feeding is prone to a lot of problems, especially easy to cause digestive disorders, indigestion in newborn babies, if a feeding also take mixed feeding, more prone to this situation. Mixed feeding is not easy to master the amount of milk, breast milk shortage in the end how much? Each formula of how many of these problems are difficult to master, mixed feeding to novice parents brought a lot of trouble.

Mixed feeding: how does breast milk match?

1. Breast milk is not allowed to be mixed.

It is not proper not to eat breastmilk and milk at the same time. Breast-feeding a meal on all breast-feeding, even if not full, do not immediately breast-feeding, the next breast-feeding time can be advanced. If the last meal is not breast-fed, the next meal must be breast-fed; if the last meal is full, to the next feeding time, the mother feels breast is very bloated, milking, more, this meal is still breast-fed. This is because breast milk can not be saved, if the milk is suffocated, it will reduce the secretion of milk, breast milk is to eat more empty, secretion more. So, don’t save your breast milk. If you have it, you may feed your baby slowly.


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