Mother was deficient in breast-feeding and began mixing feeding at four or five months. But many mothers find that mixed-feeding babies begin to suffer from indigestion and abnormal bowel movements. How do mixed-feeding babies cope with indigestion? What does mom want to do?

Mixed feeding babies suffer from indigestion

Mother question: my son for four months, before has been mixed feeding, the son’s appetite is good, but nearly half a month do not eat milk powder, exclusively breast-fed, appetite seems to be small, every day stool has undigested milk valve, this is why? In addition, sometimes his stool will bring some foam, take the test and say normal, is it because of the weather suddenly cold and hot, can you eat some Mommy love?

Expert reply: Your baby only breast milk for nearly half a month, do not eat milk powder, indicating the weakening of digestive function, stool with milk valve, and foam that there is indigestion. This kind of situation should stop eating milk powder temporarily, can add rice soup appropriately, can also eat 5-7 days of Mommy love, 1 bag a day, eat three times. Your diet should be careful not to eat cold or greasy foods, which can help your baby’s digestive function recovery.


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