1. Temperature and light

Newborns are not adapt to the change of external temperature difference. The appropriate indoor temperature should be kept at 25 ℃~28 ℃. In midsummer, they should be properly cooled, while in winter, they need to be warm. However, it should be noted that it is better to have a heater beside them during ventilation; The indoor light should not be too dark or too bright. Some parents think that newborns are weak in light sensitivity and are afraid of irritating the eyes. They often like to hang heavy curtains. In fact, this is not appropriate. Children should learn to adapt to the natural indoor light and avoid direct sunlight into the eyes.

2. Clothes and diapers

The underwear for newborns (including diapers) should mainly be soft and absorbent cotton fabrics, and it is better not to use chemical fiber or printed and dyed fabrics; The color of clothes should be light, easy to find dirt, and prevent the irritation of dyes on newborn skin; The clothes should be loose as far as possible, not interfering with physical activities and easy to wear and take off; Due to the large heat dissipation of the newborn’s head, when the climate is cold or the room temperature is low, you should wear a small hat, which should also be soft and comfortable.

The diaper should be made of soft cotton fabric with good water absorption. It should be washed and changed frequently. Usually, it should be changed more than 4 times in the daytime and more than 2 times in the evening. The small buttocks should be washed and coated with appropriate amount of skin care oil when changing each time; For diapers, choose the ones with good quality and good air permeability, try to use diapers at home, and use “diapers” when going out or sleeping; Note that the diaper or diaper bag should not be too tight, so that the limbs can stretch freely.


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