The baby likes to be held. However, due to the imperfect development of neck and back muscles, the newborn baby can’t lift his head, and the support of his neck and waist is weak. Therefore, when holding a baby, we should carefully learn several postures and remember one principle: one hand should hold his head and neck, and the other hand should hold the baby’s waist and hips, so that the baby’s head and limbs can be well supported and have a sense of security.

The correct way to hold a baby is as follows

1. Hold the baby horizontally in the arms: when the baby is lying on his back, gently insert your left hand into his waist and hips, gently put your right hand under his head and neck, and slowly pick him up. In this way, the baby’s body has support, and his head will not fall back; Then slowly move the baby’s right hand to the left arm bend and carefully turn his head into the left arm bend. In this way, holding the baby horizontally in your arm bend will make him feel very comfortable.

2. Hold the baby face down: let one side of the baby’s cheek lean against your forearm, hold his body with both hands, and let him lie on your arms. This position can also swing the baby back and forth, which often makes him very happy and likes this holding position.

3. Let the baby face forward: when the baby is a little older and can better control his head, let the baby lean his back against your chest, hold his hip with one hand and surround his chest with the other hand. In this way, let the baby face forward and hold it, so that he can have a good look at the world in front of him.

4. Let the baby sit on your crotch: the baby faces you face to face, legs apart, and sits on your crotch. You hold his hip with one hand and surround his back with the other. At this time, if the baby doesn’t feel safe enough, his little hand will hold your arm tightly.

In addition, infants aged 1 ~ 2 months are mainly held horizontally in the arms, and they are mainly held vertically after 3 months. But no matter what kind of holding posture, we should pay attention to protect the baby. We should not only hold the baby comfortably, but also make the baby feel safe. Therefore, the actions of lifting and putting down should be gentle. In this way, the baby lies comfortably in his arms, not only feels protected and cared for, but also can make more contact with the outside world and learn more things early.


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