The arrival of a baby often opens a new page of family life. During pregnancy, you may have read a lot of books and already know what treatment and examination you need after delivery. However, what does the baby need to do in the 48 hours after birth? How to care for the delicate newborn?

10 minutes after birth

1. Cut the umbilical cord

The umbilical cord is usually cut off within minutes of birth. If dad is allowed into the delivery room, then dad must strive for this glorious mission.

2. Crying

Just born baby, his first cry is very important. The first cry is the beginning of the establishment of lung function, which is a signal of the transformation from fetus to infant.

3. Inspection

One minute after birth and five minutes after birth, infants need to receive a neonatal score, that is, the newborn’s skin color, heart rate, reflex stress, muscle tension and breathing ability are scored, so as to check whether the newborn adapts to the change of living environment from the uterus to the outside world. Then, the nurse will weigh and measure the baby, and check for symptoms.

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