After the baby is born, you are full of longing for the future life, dreaming of strolling leisurely in a stroller and the fun of dressing him. But I soon found that some things need to wait patiently before starting, and some things need your input and attention now.

In the first few weeks of life, what care and care does your baby need most from you, and what things can be started later? We have compiled a list so that you can better optimize your limited time.

Start now: nail cutting

Trimming such tiny nails can’t help but make people a little worried, but if they are allowed to grow, the baby may scratch himself, so soon after the baby is born, he can trim his nails.

What you should do: prepare a clean baby nail clipper or nail clipper and a nail sanding file. It’s easier to cut your children’s nails when they are asleep or held by others. Separate the skin on the fingertip from the nail, and then cut along the arc of the nail edge, without leaving sharp edges. Finally, polish the uneven part with a nail file.


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