When it comes to the news that babies are suffocated by feeding, mothers always feel scared and even creepy. But these unfortunate news did happen! Maybe mothers would think that every time they feed their baby they are careful, how can it be so serious? In fact, often a lot of small feeding inadvertent action will make the baby breathing difficulties, serious will cause asphyxia!

1, oppressing the baby’s mouth and nose. When feeding, some mothers are too careless, breast pressure to the baby’s small mouth and nose and do not know!

2, the baby is covered too tightly. When the weather is cold or windy, parents are used to covering the baby inside and outside tightly, and sometimes the clothes cover up the small face. Coupled with the baby’s mouth sucking, a careless baby can lead to poor breathing.

3, easy to overlook the phenomenon of breast milk. Babies are prone to overflow when eating milk, many mothers used to let the baby lie down directly after feeding, this time the baby sucked in the stomach air will overflow milk, choke into the trachea and cause sudden suffocation. Therefore, try not to let the baby lie down while feeding. At the same time, you should pay attention to the baby’s hiccup after feeding.

4, suction speed is too fast. Too fast milk may cause milk choking. And when artificial feeding, the nipple hole is too big to make the milk flow in the bottle too fast, it is easy to choke into the baby’s trachea, causing breathing difficulties.

In addition, the baby’s neck muscles lack strength, suffering from respiratory diseases and other reasons may also lead to smooth breathing baby.

Generally speaking, accidents happen when feeding, often when nursing is not allowed. In addition to mothers in the feeding time to play a 12-minute spirit, feeding is actually a very technical work, timing, posture, speed, etc. must be paid attention to, especially when feeding newborns.

Feeding time is appropriate: do not feed when the baby is crying or laughing; do not wait until the baby is already hungry, the baby eats too quickly easy to choke; the child is full can not be forced to re-feed, forced feeding is prone to accidents.

Posture Correct: Breast-feeding babies should lie in the arms of their mothers (upper body 30-45 degrees), do not lie in bed to feed. Artificial feeding baby can not lie down when feeding, should take the slope position, the bottom of the bottle is higher than the nipple, to prevent the inhalation of air.

Control Speed: When the mother is lactating too fast, press the areola gently with her fingers to slow down the flow of milk. The mouth of the nipple should not be too big, but when it comes back, the milk should be drip rather than thread.

Attention: The mother’s breast can not block the baby’s nostrils, must be feeding while observing the baby’s expression, if the baby’s mouth overflows milk or around the mouth and nose discoloration, should immediately stop feeding. More attention should be paid to the occurrence of choking infants and premature infants, or to the doctor for guidance and feeding.

Exhaust Gas in the Stomach: After feeding, hold the baby upright on the shoulder, pat the baby on the back to help it out of the stomach gas, it is best to hear belching, and then put the baby in bed. The bedside should be 15 degrees high, and lie on the right side for 30 minutes. Then lie down, do not allow the child to lie on the bed to avoid sudden infant death.


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