After experiencing all kinds of tensions and worries during pregnancy, the novice parents finally waited until the baby was born, thinking they could breathe a little more relaxed. However, after the birth of the baby, the new parents become more cautious than during pregnancy, afraid of hurting TA because of their inexperience in caring for the baby.

In fact, caring for babies is not so difficult, and there are not so many abnormal phenomena that need to be tangled and worried about. In most cases, in caring for newborn babies, many parents are prone to fall into the following nine misconceptions.

Mistake 1: Baby can’t go out before full moon

Influenced by the fact that mothers can’t go out during puerperium, many people think that babies can’t go out before their full moon is born.

In fact, it depends entirely on the recovery of the mother and the situation of the baby. Mother’s body recovers quickly, and she can go out in the month, but we should pay attention not to the wind, not too tired. Can be in the baby about 2 to 3 weeks, push him to take a walk in the place of fresh air, which is not only conducive to the recovery of the mother, but also conducive to the baby breathing fresh air.

If you insist that you must not go out during puerperium, you must pay attention to indoor air circulation.

Error 2: Breast-fed babies should be fed on time

Newborn babies should be fed on demand rather than on time. Although doctors will say that for newborns, they should be fed every two hours, but these two hours are only an average time, not uniform.

Generally speaking, newborn babies need to breast-feed once every two hours. When they are hungry, they will respond accordingly to remind their parents. However, some babies need breast milk every hour or do not need breast milk for 3 to 4 hours, so the frequency of breast-feeding should be decided by the baby.

Error 3: Wake up the baby to nurse

Sleep is very important for anyone, especially for newborn babies. Most newborn babies eat milk once every 2 hours during the day, but they may not eat it for 5 to 6 hours at night or longer. At this time, some parents will worry that babies will be hungry if they don’t eat milk for a long time in the evening, so they will wake them up to eat milk.

Babies sleep more at night than eating, they can not eat, but sleep must be good (of course, if they are hungry, they will wake up to eat), except jaundiced babies, to comply with doctor’s advice.

Error 4: The quieter the sleeping environment, the better

In fact, the environment in which the baby sleeps only needs to be quiet, not absolutely quiet. There are some slight sounds that are no problem, but don’t suddenly have sharp, noisy voices, which can easily frighten the baby.

When babies are not yet born, they can feel blood flow, heart beating and other sounds in their mother’s stomach. At this time, they can also sleep well, and after birth. Sleep when a little voice, not in a very quiet environment, which is more conducive to the formation of their later sleep habits and improve the quality of sleep.

Mistake 5: Babies must wear more clothes than adults.

Many doctors have warned their babies many times about their clothes. Novice babies have less ability to regulate their own temperature than adults, and their self-cooling function is not perfect, so don’t wear too many clothes.

The standard for dressing babies is to dress babies as much as their parents wear, preferring to wear less rather than more. (I’ve heard of cases where newborn babies die from overheating, but I don’t seem to have heard of accidents caused by too little clothing.)

Mistake 6: Newborn babies have to sleep with their mothers

Many novice mothers are used to sleeping with their babies for two main reasons. One is to get up at night to take care of the baby, and the other is that the baby is still young and can not leave her mother’s embrace and needs to be cared for.

In fact, there are many dangers for parents to sleep with their babies. For example, in case of breast milk, the mother falls asleep, it is easy to cause the baby’s breathing is not smooth; in addition, if the mother is too sleepy, it is likely to pressure the baby. So newborn babies don’t have to sleep with their mothers.

Mistake 7: Babies need pillows

Some novice mothers think that to give their babies a sleeping pillow is necessary. In fact, for baby, pillow is more dangerous.

The body structure of newborns is different from that of adults. Before the age of 2, when they lie flat, their body and head are on a horizontal line (while adults’head is below the body). If they use pillows at this time, the head will be higher than the body. No matter how low or thin pillows are, they will have some adverse effects on the development of newborns’ bones.

Mistake 8: Newborn babies bathe every day

Cui Yutao: Should infants, especially newborns, be bathed every day? This is not a theoretical issue. It is related to parents’experience and indoor temperature. But there is one thing to remind parents, baby skin delicate, bathing fluid should not be used frequently. Don’t listen to the saying: Take a bath every day, and then apply baby oil after the bath. The grease of the baby’s skin itself is best for its skin. Take a bath with warm water, and use bath solution once a week or two! uuuuuuuuuuuu

If your baby has eczema or other skin problems, bathe every day and change clothes frequently to keep the skin clean.

Mistake 9: Weeping means feeding or holding.

Many parents think that when a baby cries, he is hungry or hugging, but in fact he is not. Newly born babies only express their demands by crying, and crying has a lot of fun. For example, the baby is hungry, the baby needs comfort, diapers are dirty, cold and hot, and so on.

Mothers should learn to judge the cause of their babies’crying by the sound of their babies’ crying.

[Fan Ma said]:

In fact, the care of newborn babies is much the same, novice parents do not need to be too nervous, when the baby was born, ask the doctor more, so it can save a lot of effort.

In addition, there are individual differences in the growth of babies. Novice parents also need to constantly touch and roll in the process of taking care of their babies, so as to better take care of their babies.


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