Parents should not belittle the baby’s “red buttock”. It’s still harmful.

“Red buttocks” are dangerous

Newborn babies excrete frequently and have polyuria. Breast-fed babies usually have 4-5 stools a day. They can change diapers continuously during the day and only use paper diapers at night. Inadvertently, the baby’s buttocks should contact with urine and stool, wet diapers and the baby’s tender skin contact time is too long, urine urea decomposes ammonia metabolites to stimulate the baby’s skin, or because stool in the buttocks for a long time after fermentation to produce acidic substances, coupled with sweating, and other factors, stimulate the new. Neonatal tender skin, often in the buttocks, thigh roots and inner thighs, small red ideas, small blisters, and then for pustules, if not handled in time will appear on the skin surface erosion, exfoliation and even infection, often easy to cause hip inflammation.

So, there is often a mother’s question: “Well, what happened to the baby’s tender little fart”? Really red in the baby, pain in the mother’s heart.

Nursing “Red Button” 6 Attentions

Novice mothers can learn to care for “red buttocks” in six ways, so that your baby’s “red buttocks” can be minimized and help babies stay away from the “red buttocks”.

1. Diapers should be made of cotton.

For infants, we must use pure cotton white cloth to make diapers. First, it is comfortable, sweaty and natural. Unlike chemical fibers, it may cause some damage to the skin. Second, it is easier to observe the baby’s urine, because urine and urine can often reflect the baby’s health.


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