New parents learn everything, and often make many mistakes in learning. So, in order to make you better care of the baby, let’s look at the mistakes made by the daily novice parents.

1. Fix the sleeping posture of the newborn baby

“It is said that the baby’s side sleep will cause a partial head, prone to suffocation when sleeping down. So every time the baby falls asleep in my arms, I gently drop the baby, then straighten his head and hold it against it with a small pillow on both sides of his head. So the baby is safe. “

The correct method: the newborn kept the position of the fetus at the beginning, and his limbs were still curled up. In order to help him to discharge some water and mucus in the delivery tract, the lower lateral position should be taken within 24 hours after birth. Long term supine will make the child’s head flat. The correct way is to turn over for the baby frequently. This time, lie on the left side of the bed, lie flat next time, and then the right side next time, so that the baby’s head shape can be well-balanced and beautiful. After taking milk, pay attention to lying on the side and not lying on the back, so as to avoid the choking of milk to the trachea. When lying on the left and right, be careful not to press the children’s auricle forward, otherwise the auricle is often folded and easily deformed.

2. Wake up the sleeping baby to urinate

“I am afraid of baby diaper, every few hours to hold up the baby to urine, sometimes baby wake up and cry, no way, I don’t want his little fart to be wrapped by wet diapers, get red butt how bad.”

The right way: baby sleep is very important, if the baby sacrifice precious sleep only to not dirty his little fart, then it won’t pay off. Choose the high quality diaper to protect the baby’s little fart. If the baby is wet, he will remind you to replace it in time with crying. After two or three years old baby urinate at night, some already know to call people, some will have urine when natural wake up, do not need to wake up baby.

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