In December 14th, OD brokers exposed a picture of OD and daughter on micro-blog. In the photo, Oddie holds his daughter in his arms and wears a short black sleeve. He holds her in one hand and a bottle in the other. He carefully feeds her baby milk powder. His eyes are filled with father’s love.

Image material comes from micro-blog @ Li Mei Hong micro-blog.

Oddi’s usual screen images are hip-hopping, but picking up his daughter to breast-feed shows a serious side, the love between the eyebrows, moving. Especially his skillful feeding position is a great impression on his mothers.

Your dad taught you how to breast feed.

1. Hold your baby in your arms.

If your dad chooses to bottle-feed your baby, remember that it’s not just the milk in the bottle that your baby needs, but the love and hug of your dad are equally important to your baby. Therefore, do not let the baby alone to drink milk, this will cause the baby’s discontent, in addition to possible danger. Hold the baby in your arms, let the baby and dad have eye contact, hear the heartbeat of dad, but also feel the temperature of dad.

Like Oddy, holding her daughter in her arms, let her baby feel their heartbeat, can make the baby more comfortable sucking.


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