When a small life is born in the world, parents should assume the greatest responsibility to take care of their babies, and some small behaviors can tell whether parents are caring or careless for their babies, such as baby’s sleep, baby bath, baby nail care and so on. Baby care requires every parent to do a good job with the greatest love, gentlest care, the warmest care of each new baby care.

1. Let your baby sleep alone.

Children had better sleep alone. Because mom is easily pressed to the baby after sleep, causing suffocation. The air is cloudy with adults. Babies sleep alternately in depth and shade, and adults are more likely to interact with each other, and the mother will pay special attention to the baby as soon as there is a bit of movement and quiet to pat to hug, instead of making them rest well. Sleeping with adults is also more likely to be dependent. And it should be noted that do not put too many toy boxes in the baby’s bed furry dolls, such as children’s breathing, skin, etc. will cause adverse effects.

2, avoid direct sunlight baby eyes.

The protection of the eyes is very important in the growth and development of the baby’s eyes. While allowing the eyes to properly “sun” the sun, but also pay attention to avoid direct sunlight as far as possible, to achieve appropriate protection, appropriate shading.

Many young parents wear a pair of small sunglasses for their babies and walk on the road. However, experts warn that infants wearing sunglasses may not be able to really shade, on the contrary, affecting the normal development of baby vision, causing hyperopia, myopia and other eye diseases. Experts said that the normal development of the eyes should also be appropriate to “bask” the sun.

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The first page: let your baby sleep alone.

Second pages: don’t give your baby a pillow in less than 3 months.

Third page: bottle after disinfection and reuse

Fourth page: give your baby more nails.

The fifth page: insist on touching the baby.


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