1. Choosing Bath Lotion Suitable for Babies

There is a layer of sebum on the surface of baby’s skin which is very important for keeping warm, preventing infection and external stimulation. Adult shower gels, even if they are expensive and high-grade, contain chemicals that are not suitable for babies. Many bath gels contain alkaline, which can eliminate the protective sebum on the baby and reduce the skin resistance. Therefore, infant shower gel should be selected and used once a week.

2. Water temperature should not be too high

Don’t use excessively hot water to bathe for fear of catching a cold. The baby’s skin is delicate and scalds easily. The temperature of the bathing water for the baby should be controlled between 38 and 41 degrees Celsius. Cold water should be put before hot water, which is conducive to grasping and controlling water temperature. Test the water temperature with the back of the hand or wrist. These two parts are sensitive and can sense the water temperature suitable for the baby.


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