The treatment principle of neonatal pathological jaundice, first of all, to identify the causes and carry out etiological treatment, which is the fundamental treatment, only eliminating the causes can prevent recurrence. The second is to give light therapy as early as possible. Studies have shown that bilirubin can absorb light, through the irradiation of light can accelerate the oxidative decomposition of free bilirubin, promote the clearance and excretion of bilirubin, reduce the concentration of serum unbound bilirubin, prevent the occurrence of nuclear jaundice. Therefore, when the full-term infant serum bilirubin is higher than 205 micromole / liter, ultra-low birth weight infant is higher than 85 micromole / liter, very low birth weight infant is higher than 103 micromole / liter, that is phototherapy indication. During phototherapy, the naked newborns were placed flat in the phototherapy box. Black cloth was used to cover the eyes and perineum, and single or double light was used to irradiate them.

More attention should be paid to phototherapy.

(1) the duration of phototherapy is usually 24~48 hours, and it should not exceed 3 days.

(2) Because blue light can break down riboflavin in the body, vitamin B2, so when the duration of illumination exceeds 24 hours, vitamin B2 should be given to newborns to prevent vitamin B2 deficiency.

(3) The disappearance of jaundice should not be taken as the basis for stopping phototherapy, but should be based on the decrease of serum bilirubin concentration. Because phototherapy mainly acts on superficial skin tissues, the disappearance of jaundice does not mean that serum bilirubin is normal.

(4) phototherapy does not affect breastfeeding. The newborn can be taken out of the phototherapy box at regular intervals for feeding. In order to facilitate breastfeeding, can be placed in the light box next to the mother’s bed, medical staff should be regular observation and care.

_The side effects of phototherapy are relatively less, children may occasionally have fever, diarrhea and rash, but more not serious, will not affect the continued treatment.

_Because the neonate is exposed to the phototherapy box naked, the moving space is large, and it is easy to scratch the skin, it is necessary to check whether the neonate’s skin is damaged after phototherapy, so as to deal with it in time and prevent secondary infection.


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