Preterm infant refers to the newborn whose gestational age is less than 37 weeks. Most preterm infants have a birth weight of less than 2500 grams. The mortality rate of premature infants is high, because the premature infants’ organs are immature and prone to a variety of complications. Therefore, most premature infants need to be treated and nursed in the hospital for a period of time.

Six complications of premature infants and nursing points

Six major complications of premature infants are as follows

1. Cardiovascular diseases:

If the lung problems of premature infants gradually improve, there will be more blood flow from the autonomic artery to the lung through the ductus arteriosus, resulting in heart failure and poor lung function.

2. Respiratory diseases:

Because of the lung hypoplasia of premature infants, it can cause dyspnea and even respiratory failure. Some very low weight babies will also have respiratory distress syndrome, and shortness of breath, cyanosis phenomenon.

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