In early summer, there are countless children who go to the hospital for transfusion due to cold, fever, allergic rhinitis and other diseases, which makes parents who have taken many preventive measures helpless. How to improve the baby’s resistance, try to reduce the number of cold? Here are some suggestions from experienced mothers and pediatricians【 See more about children’s colds]

1. Be vigilant at the stage of multiple diseases

Once the baby has passed six months, the maternal immunoglobulin in the baby’s body is completely depleted, and the high incidence of disease begins from then on.

Therefore, the baby after six months, to be more vigilant than the previous daily care.

Breast fed babies may have relatively strong resistance, but it also varies from person to person according to different constitutions. Some babies may be artificially fed, but they don’t get many diseases. Some babies are breast fed, but they often get sick. Especially in spring, the season of alternation of cold and heat, which is the season of high incidence of cold and various diseases, we should pay special attention to it and pay attention to it ideologically.

2. Wear less clothes and cover less quilt

The most important way to adjust the baby’s nursing style after eight months is to reduce his clothing and cover, so that he can no longer be surrounded by warm and sweating surroundings.

In fact, it also needs courage and correct judgment to reduce clothing and quilt for the baby. Mothers always worry that the baby will catch cold. The standard is to touch the baby’s little hands after reducing clothes and quilts. What is warm is the right temperature. Sleep, feet are warm, but not sweating, is the most comfortable temperature. The baby’s own heat dissipation and perspiration function is not perfect. If adults wear more clothes, they will feel hot, sweating and uncomfortable, but the baby may not. He can’t speak, he can only be so hot. If the baby wears too much clothes for a long time, the palm is often hot, especially dry and hot, and does not sweat, it is not a good thing. So soon, the baby will be lung and stomach heat, reduce resistance, cause respiratory tract infection.

3. It’s better to eat less than more

Mothers love their babies very much. They like to watch their babies eat more. They want their babies to eat all the delicious food in the world. I also went into this misunderstanding. With the growth of the baby, complementary food gradually more up. I’m also worried about what kind of food my baby will eat less and what kind of nutrition they will lack. Every day, I try to arrange a variety of recipes for him, a variety of nutrition. There is no mistake in this way, but the key is to master the quantity.

In fact, the baby’s digestive system and his immune system is also closely related. If you eat too much food, it will inevitably lead to the overload operation of digestive system and metabolic system, and overload of kidney and liver. It will soon become stagnant heat, stay in the body, hinder the normal circulation, reduce resistance, and cause disease.


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