In what circumstances need to keep warm? How to judge whether the baby is warm and moderate? The method is very simple, can be judged by observing the baby’s face color, limb temperature. If the baby’s face color is normal, limbs temperature and no sweat, then it is not necessary to take additional measures to keep warm. If there is sweat on the face, hands and feet are hot, and there are restlessness, irritability and other abnormal phenomena, it shows that the baby’s temperature is higher, above 37.5 ℃, it means excessive warmth, should reduce clothing and quilt. If the hands and feet are cold, the body temperature may be lower than 36 ℃. If the body temperature is below 36 ℃, it means that the warmth is not enough. The room temperature should be increased appropriately, and clothes should be added or other heating measures should be taken. Neonatal hypothermia can cause scleredema in severe cases, threatening the life of the newborn, so we must pay attention to it.

Keep warm for newborn

1. Ambient temperature

In the cold winter, the room temperature of newborns should be maintained at 20-24 ℃. Autumn and winter is relatively dry, but also should pay attention to indoor humidity, generally should be maintained at about 50%. Humidifier can be used to increase indoor humidity.

2. Baby’s quilt

Baby’s clothes and quilts are best made of new cotton and soft and comfortable cotton cloth to ensure good warmth retention. Wrap or wrap in front of the fire. The package should not be too tight, so as not to affect the limb activities of the newborn. If the warmth is not enough, you can add a quilt or use a hot water bag to keep warm. However, special attention should be paid to the water temperature in the water bag should be about 40-60 ℃, and the cover of the hot water bag must be tightened. The hot water bag should be placed outside the quilt and should not be directly attached to the skin to prevent scalding.

3. Change diapers

The newborn urinates frequently and changes diapers frequently. Because the temperature of diaper is lower than the temperature of baby’s abdomen, we should pay attention not to put the diaper on the baby’s abdomen, so as to avoid abdominal cold. If possible, the diaper can be warmed in advance on the heater and then replaced.


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