1., keep warm.

Baby’s body adjustment ability is not perfect, if the mother takes the baby out in winter, it’s better to take an extra coat. Especially when going out in the morning or riding a motorcycle or bicycle, it’s better to put on a mask for your baby. When you are at home, you should avoid the child stepping on the cold floor directly.

2. Scientific supplementation of probiotics

Probiotics can adjust digestive function and improve skin allergies caused by food. Parents can choose the right probiotics according to their baby’s age. It’s best to consult a doctor before 6 months.

3. Avoid dust mite damage

Dust mites are a major cause of allergies in babies. Babies’bedding should be cleaned regularly, and exposed to sunlight to disinfect, reducing fluffy toys. Clean house regularly, pay attention to vacuum and indoor ventilation.

4. Avoid irritating odors

Do not expose your baby to excessive pungent smell or air, such as vehicle exhaust, paint, perfume, smoke and barbecue flavor.

5. Eat less allergic foods

Better breast-feeding, add supplementary food to use fresh ingredients, avoid seafood, nuts and other foods that are more likely to trigger allergies.

6. Baby Skin Maintenance

Pay attention to the food of baby’s bath products, and the temperature of bath water should not be too high. Do a good job of moisturizing after bathing. When going out, it is more important to maintain the baby’s face and skin, so as to avoid the cold wind blowing directly on the face for a long time.


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