Ten things a new mother must know

After the delivery of the newborn, the maternal appropriate rest adjustment, that is, should assume the responsibility of nurturing the newborn, let the newborn suck the nipple in time, which is very important for the maternal and breast filling. Feed the baby as soon as possible after delivery, preferably within the first hour after delivery, and then whenever the baby shows signs of hunger, feed him once. The baby’s hungry manifestations are nursery mouth, arched nipples with nose, etc. If you want to test whether the baby is hungry, you can put your hand on his cheek. If the baby turns his head and opens his mouth to look for your hand, it means that he is already hungry.

Ten things that mothers and babies must know


In addition to giving newborns enough breastfeeding times during the day, attention should also be paid to night feeding. Prolactin production at night is 50 times higher than that during the day. Frequent nipple stimulation is not only conducive to reflex uterine contraction, reduce bleeding, but also conducive to the secretion of more prolactin by the lactating system, which is conducive to increase milk, the rehabilitation of lactating mothers, and the promotion of maternal and child emotions. According to clinical comparative observation, the lactation condition of early sucking is much better than that of late sucking. *

Mother and baby in the same room

Some people thought that the frequent cries of newborn babies would affect the rest of breast-feeding mothers, so the separation of mother and infant was adopted, only when the baby was breast-feeding to return to the mother’s side. In fact, this is not good for the breast-feeding mother and baby. Mother-child touch, baby crying, mother-child eye contact, baby odor, etc., can not only enhance mother-child emotions, but also is a good stimulus signal, which can effectively stimulate the lactation system, relieve the inhibition of hypothalamus, lead to increased prolactin, milk secretion naturally, such as a fountain.

3. Maternal awareness of the importance of breastfeeding is particularly important

According to the clinical observation, those who attach importance to breastfeeding are mostly actively cooperating with medical staff, actively trying to feed as soon as possible, with good diet, stable mood and comfortable mood.


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