The first time a mother, inexperienced will inevitably be at a loss, in the breast-feeding aspect, encountered many doubts. Today, I collected some of the most frequently asked questions from mothers.

Novice mothers, seriously take notes, oh, read this, your doubts will be able to dispel most! New mothers on duty, first class!

@ Doudou Ma: my milk has not come down, or let the baby eat milk powder first!

[problem explanation]

Babies can be breast-fed for half an hour after birth, each time lasting half an hour, even if no milk should be breast-fed. Postpartum appropriate mother and baby in the same room, let the baby suck the nipple, this can not only enhance feelings, but also because the baby sucks and promote milk secretion.

Milk secretion is influenced by many factors. Eat more dilute juice, such as chicken soup, fish soup, spareribs soup, etc., there is a certain role in breast milk. At the same time, mothers should maintain a good state of mind, emotional stability, good spirits, avoid worry and anger, but also have the confidence and enthusiasm to be competent for breast-feeding infants, because bad mood can lead to less lactation, or even no milk, causing more trouble.

@ Xuan Bao Mom: it’s so sleepy at night. I think it’s comfortable to lie down and breast feed.

[problem explanation]

Postpartum fatigue, coupled with constant daytime feeding and changing diapers, makes the mother very sleepy at night. At night when the baby cries, the mother will feel very annoyed, sometimes the nipple to the baby’s mouth, the baby will not cry until the milk, the mother may fall asleep, this is very dangerous. Because babies are close to their mothers when they are breast-feeding, it is easy for sleeping mothers to squeeze their nostrils, and tragedies can occur. To avoid this, mothers should be able to sit up at night when they are breast-feeding.

Little Apple Mom: My baby is fed with milk powder. In order to make it full, I specially thicken the milk powder.

[problem explanation]

Food absorption in the intestinal tract, if the osmotic pressure of food is too high (thick milk), can cause vomiting, abdominal distention, diarrhea, dehydration and other performance. At the same time, most of the metabolic wastes are excreted through the kidneys, while the development and function of the kidneys in infancy are still immature, and the ability to regulate the metabolism of nutrients is limited. Too much milk will make the kidneys heavier.

Mom Qingbao: My hands are so sore after I have breast-fed. Sometimes I put the baby on the bed right away. It’s too tired to hold her.

[problem explanation]

After feeding the baby, do not put it on the bed immediately. Instead, hold the baby upright so that the baby’s head rests on the mother’s shoulder. You can also let the baby sit on the mother’s leg, holding the baby’s pillow and neck back with one hand, bending the other hand, patting the baby on the back, so that the air swallowed into the stomach to spit out and prevent overflow of milk.

After breastfeeding, Dad can also take care of the baby and hiccup for the baby.

@ little Pipi Mom: is baby pure breastfeeding, can’t you really drink water for your baby?

[problem explanation]

Although there are some views that babies within 4-6 months only need breast milk, do not need to add water, but depend on the situation. The weather in the north is dry in winter. If the indoor temperature is too high, the newborns are liable to be short of water. In addition, when the weather is too hot or diarrhea, the baby will also be short of water. When water is lacking, the baby’s lips look dry and skin, emotional and crying.

It is suggested that the indoor temperature should be controlled between 20 and 25 degrees centigrade, and humidifiers should be used to keep the air humid in winter in the north. When you see your lips dry, you can use the spoon to feed your baby several mouthwash.


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