There are many newborn babies with slightly asymmetric head shapes. However, the asymmetry of the baby’s head shape may be caused by uneven compression when passing through the birth canal, or because the baby sleeps in the same position most of the time after birth. Although the baby’s head shape will flatten over time, it will be helpful for parents to change the baby’s posture.

So how to create a perfect head shape for your baby? What can mom and dad do? Now let’s have a look.

1. When the baby is put on the bed, his head is right or left

Babies aged 1-3 months are in the golden age of head shaping, because the bones of their heads are relatively soft and plastic at this time. During the baby’s 16-18 hours of sleep every day, the mother should constantly adjust the baby’s sleeping position, and don’t let the baby get used to only one sleeping position. Otherwise, the growth shape of the bone slice in a certain position of the baby’s head will be affected due to the long-term pressure of the whole head weight.

For example, long-term lying on your back will lead to a flat head, long-term lying on your stomach will lead to a long face and a convex forehead, and long-term sleeping on your side in the same direction will lead to a crooked head. At this time, the mother should adopt a combination of prone sleep, side sleep and supine sleep, and change her baby’s sleep posture every 3-4 hours. It is best to lie on both sides alternately to ensure the normal development of the baby’s head and sleep a beautiful head shape.

Warm tips: because the posture of lying on the side is difficult to maintain for a long time, when lying on the side, you can use pillows or towels to roll them into a shaft shape and plug them into the baby’s back and the gap between the body and the mattress to fix the sleeping position. At the same time, pay attention to smoothing the baby’s Earrings back, otherwise it is easy to deform the earrings and grow into “windy ears”.

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Page 1: let the baby change his posture when sleeping page 2: guide the baby’s head to move more

Page 3: insist on sleeping in prone position page 4: consult the doctor in time if there are problems

Page 1: let your baby change his posture when sleeping

Page 2: guide the baby’s head to move more

Page 3: insist on sleeping in prone position

Page 4: consult your doctor in time if you have any problems


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