The arrival of a baby often opens a new page in family life. During pregnancy, you may have read a lot of books and already know what treatments and examinations to take after delivery. But what does a baby need to do in the 48 hours after birth? How do you care for a delicate baby?

Ten minutes later

1. Cutting umbilical cord

Umbilical cord is usually cut off within minutes of the baby’s birth. If Dad is allowed to enter the delivery room, then Dad must strive for this glorious mission.

2. Crying

The first cry of a newborn baby is very important. The first cry is the beginning of the function of the lungs. It is the signal of the fetus to the baby.

3. Inspection

Neonatal scoring should be performed at 1 minute and 5 minutes after birth, i.e. skin color, heart rate, reflex stress, muscle tension and respiratory capacity, to check whether the newborn adapts to the change of living environment from uterus to the outside world. Next, the nurse weighs the baby, measures its length, and checks for symptoms.


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