1. Emotional change

From the emotional changes, we can see whether the baby may be sick. After his needs are met, the healthy baby will be full of energy, have spirit in his eyes, don’t cry and don’t make trouble, and easy to adapt to the environment, but the sick child’s mood is often abnormal.

Irritability, red complexion and dry lips are often signs of fever; Dull eyes, direct eyes and clenched fists are often signs of convulsion; A weak cry or no cry often indicates a serious condition. In addition to the above obvious signs, the baby may also show malaise, irritability or temper. Parents should observe carefully, find out and see a doctor in time.

Expert tips:

For the emotional response of the baby due to disease, parents must not scold him. On the one hand, they should understand him and love him on the other hand. Because disease and mood can affect each other, the baby’s disease will change his mood, and bad mood will aggravate his condition.


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