How should the baby prevent hepatitis B? The babies born to healthy mothers are required to inoculate hepatitis B vaccine three needles according to the procedure. There are mainly several ways to prevent hepatitis B from mothers inoculated by hepatitis B mothers.

1. Passive immunization: for children born to pregnant women with hepatitis B (acute or convalescent), they should be injected with HBIG once every 24 hours, 3 months and 6 months after birth. The dose is 0.5-1ml, 70% – 80% of them can be protected.

2. Active immunization: children born to mothers born with positive antigen or / or e antigen are vaccinated with hepatitis B vaccine within 24 hours (or 7 days) after birth, January and June, and plasma vaccine is 20~30 each time. μ g. Gene vaccine 5 μ g。 Can pregnant women be vaccinated against hepatitis B? How to vaccinate?

3. Combined injection: HBIG interferes with the automatic immune response of the vaccine, and the protection rate is 80% – 95% when only injected with the vaccine. However, some infants, especially those born to e antigen positive mothers, will become surface antigen carriers at least 30%. Therefore, the combination of hepatitis B vaccine and HBIG should be used to improve the infant protection rate (85% – 95%).

The usage is as follows:

(1) HBIG 0.5ml was injected intramuscularly within 24 hours after birth;

(2) hepatitis B vaccine 0.5ml (gene vaccine 5 μ g) They were injected with HBIG at the same time, or intramuscularly on the other side within 7 days after birth, and then injected again at 1 and 6 months after birth. One dose of vaccine (gene vaccine 5 μ g) Strengthen vaccination.


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