When they came home from the hospital, novice parents didn’t know how to start with their newborn baby. There are a lot of nursing care for newborn babies, but the top priority is to ensure the safety of babies and prevent the infection of newborn babies, but what should we do? Look at the following three notes.

There are three precautions to prevent baby suffocation

In the hospital, before the baby is born and starts breathing, the nurse will quickly remove the mucus and amniotic fluid from the mouth and nose to keep the baby’s respiratory tract unobstructed, so as not to cause aspiration pneumonia. After returning home, how should the family ensure smooth breathing?

First, parents should often check whether the baby’s nostrils are unobstructed and often remove the secretions in the nostrils.

Second, to maintain the baby’s appropriate body position, generally take the right position. If the baby lies on his back, he should avoid bending his neck forward or excessive backward. In case of prone position, special personnel shall be assigned to take care to prevent suffocation.

Third, avoid blocking objects in the newborn’s mouth and nose or pressing the baby’s chest at will.

Three precautions for preventing baby infection

First, newborn clothes and quilts should be sewn with pure cotton cloth, which is comfortable to wear, easy to clean and disinfect at high temperature, and the baby will not have allergic reaction. Clothes should be loose, loose and easy to wear and take off. Do not use buttons, clips or pins to prevent damage to skin and internal organs.

Second, in order to clean the skin and reduce the chance of infection, we should insist on bathing the newborn every day. When bathing, the room temperature is required to be 26 ~ 28 degrees and the water temperature is 38 ~ 40 degrees. Use the mobile water to make the bath water. Apply the baby’s liquid soap to the adult’s hand or towel, then apply the baby’s face, rinse the foam with clean water and wipe the whole body with a towel. Sprinkle some baby talcum powder on the folds of the skin such as armpit, neck and groin.

Third, the umbilical cord of newborns generally falls off 3 ~ 7 days after birth. After washing and exercise every day, the umbilical fossa should be disinfected with alcohol brocade to avoid the occurrence of omphalitis.


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