Three steps of perfect “milk mother”

Step 1: Solve confusion and build confidence

Step 2: 10 tips to teach you enough milk

Step 3: Don’t give up breastfeeding easily

Step 1: Solve confusion and build confidence

After the first time of breast-feeding cesarean section, I was weak and unable to let the baby suck the breast as soon as possible. The doctor and nurse just asked me to feed the baby milk powder first, and will teach me how to feed milk tomorrow. This made me lack of breast milk for more than two months, and I had to mix feeding.

Solve confusion and build confidence

20-30 minutes after the baby is born, the sucking reflex is strong, which is the key period for the baby to learn to suck. Many pregnant women will be affected by their physical weakness, especially caesarean section. Therefore, the baby is usually added with formula at the first time after birth, which makes him adapt to other breast milk substitutes in the first few days of life, reducing the ability of breast milk sucking. The characteristic of milk secretion is that the baby sucks more and secretes more, so the baby should start sucking the mother’s breast within half an hour of birth. In this way, on the one hand, the baby can get precious colostrum, on the other hand, the mother’s breast is also fully stimulated. After the first few days of unremitting breastfeeding, the new mother will soon find that her milk is getting more and more abundant, and the time and amount of baby feeding will gradually form a rule.

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