After pregnancy, after layers of hurdles, finally brought the baby to the world, thought that all the pain can finally end. Unexpectedly, the pain of opening milk is no less than that of having a baby

Mom: the baby keeps holding, sucking, holding and sucking. I’m sweating with pain. The pain of opening the milk is the same as that of giving birth to a baby!

Mom B: Well, according to the correct breast-feeding posture, why does the baby feel so painful and hot when sucking? It seems to be pricked by a thousand needles~

Mom C: when my daughter held my nipple in her mouth and sucked hard, I almost felt dizzy and my skin was shaking every inch of my body!

▎ what is milk? Why does open milk ache?

Opening milk refers to the first time a baby drinks breast milk after birth.

The main reason for the pain is that the new mother’s posture is not right or the nipple is depressed, which leads to the baby’s poor sucking, and even breaks the skin of the nipple. In this way, the baby continues to feed, the new mother will feel very painful, and breastfeeding has to continue, and then the more suction more pain.

With the progress of breastfeeding and appropriate care, the pain will gradually weaken until it disappears. At the beginning, some people will feel better after a few days of pain, some people will feel pain for a week or even longer, which varies from person to person.

The earlier the milk is opened, the better. Generally, the milk should be opened within 15 minutes to 2 hours after the baby is born. Caesarean mother because of the wound, should also try to open milk within 24 hours.

If you don’t do a good job in opening milk, your baby may refuse breast milk, your mother may not have enough milk, or have milk rise and milk knot, and even have acute mastitis. In the long run, it’s very likely that if the milk doesn’t go well, the mother will insist on hindering breastfeeding. Therefore, the correct opening of milk is the key to the successful implementation of breastfeeding.

▎ do this, say goodbye to the pain!

1. Master the correct breast-feeding posture

Breast feeding has a variety of postures, such as cradle holding method, cross cradle holding method, rugby holding method, side lying holding method and so on. Give you a detailed explanation of the cradle holding method, which is used more frequently in early breast-feeding posture.

The mother sits upright in the armchair, holds the baby in her arms, and holds the baby’s body and head with her forearm and palm. Feed the right side with the left hand, feed the left side with the right hand. Put your hands under your breasts in a U-shape. Don’t bend down or lean forward. Let your baby get close to your breasts.

2. Frequent breastfeeding

Mothers should firmly believe that their milk is enough, insist on pure breast-feeding, so that the breast can be fully and effectively sucked, so that they can successfully achieve breast-feeding. When opening the milk, it will be more painful. This is temporary. Mother should not think that it is because she does not have breast milk that the baby sucks so hard, and should not be afraid of pain and stop breastfeeding.

Every day to insist that the baby sucks on her mother’s nipple about 6 times, and the longer the sucking time, the better, help to stimulate breast lactation.

3. Breast protection

New mother’s breast is very fragile, so we should take good care of it. Do not oppress the mammary gland at ordinary times, do not reduce long-time lateral pressure when sleeping, and do not sleep on your stomach, so as not to oppress the mammary gland, cause mammary gland obstruction or edema, and further aggravate the symptoms of pain.

4. Hot compress and massage

If it is uncomfortable to open or swell milk, the new mother can use a hot compress bag for hot compress. After hot compress the breast, massage the breast again, hold the unilateral breast with both hands, massage from the bottom of the breast to the nipple alternately, if there is milk exudation, you can squeeze out the milk.

5. Scientific Dietotherapy

Postpartum diet should be scientific, do not drink too nourishing soup immediately after giving birth to the baby, otherwise pregnant women will block up milk, resulting in milk pain. Postpartum to pay attention to add water, just a few days to eat easy to digest light liquid food, can maintain the good habit of drinking milk every day during pregnancy.


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