Golden age of postpartum weight loss

Golden age of postpartum weight loss

Physiological recovery period: the first month after childbirth is an important period of physical recovery, do not consider too many tight shaping means, the moon sat well, the body’s various functions recovered quickly, endocrine return to normal, smooth metabolism, but also conducive to physical recovery.

Postpartum 2~3 months: firming and gentle period. After sitting in the moonlight, the next critical period for postpartum mothers to tighten their skin and shape themselves is when they have to work on diet and exercise. A small amount of multi-meal, high fiber diet: after the month period of high calorie, high protein intake period, this stage with a small amount of multi-meal gradually introduced in the diet of fruits and vegetables, multi-fiber concept, to help gastrointestinal metabolism, effectively improve the constipation of many postpartum mothers, can reduce fat hoarding, tight waist circumference, hip circumference.

How long can you exercise after delivery?

How to exercise after delivery?

1. If it is a natural delivery, the new mother can do some simple activities on the first day after delivery, such as turning over, raising her legs and contracting her anus. These activities are very helpful for postpartum recovery.

2. The mother of cesarean section can turn over or walk down before removing the thread, and only after removing the thread a week can she move properly.

3. 1 weeks after birth, you can try to do some housework after you get home, and insist on taking a walk after dinner. These activities can regulate the body’s metabolism, promote body fat decomposition, and consume excess energy.

4. One month after delivery, if the body recovers faster, new mothers can start doing some sit-ups and leg lifts in bed, in order to exercise abdominal and lumbar muscles, but also reduce abdominal and hip fat.

How to reduce weight after cesarean section

6 weeks after cesarean section, you can start losing weight as you like. You can’t lose weight immediately after sitting on the moon, and you need to fully recover. Six weeks after delivery, weight loss can be considered according to the circumstances of their own, in full recovery and without breastfeeding premise, this postpartum stage can start through appropriate exercise and appropriate control of food intake to reduce weight. However, the best way to lose weight after childbirth is actually breastfeeding. Breastfeeding consumes a certain amount of calories. It can be said to be the healthiest and the way to lose weight. After 2 months of postpartum, weight loss can be gradually reduced, and exercise can be gradually improved to improve diet structure. You can also lose weight by swimming, yoga, jogging and other aerobic exercises. In addition, postpartum slimming clothing can also play a supporting role.

What do you eat after losing weight?

What should I eat after losing weight? How do I eat it? Mothers should pay attention to exercise and diet, and lose weight through scientific diet and exercise. Drink more water, eat more lean vegetables every day, a glass of low-fat milk every day, eat less than 500 grams of fruit every day, with a proper amount of coarse grains every day. Try to eat only low-fat, low-protein, coarse grains and other foods, eat less sweets and fried food, soup do not leave oil, do not drink too thick soup, three meals with a reasonable mix, balanced nutrition. In addition, to ensure adequate sleep, do not stay up late, not sleepy.