How to breast enhancement after delivery

How long can postpartum breast enhancement?

Because mothers still have the task of breast-feeding after childbirth, so breast enlargement should not be rushed, need to arrange a good time.

The first stage: 34 weeks to 36 weeks of gestation: under the guidance of authoritative postpartum rehabilitation experts, breast dredging in the third trimester of pregnancy, this can prevent future postpartum breast obstruction and can not breast-feeding, to their own and baby’s health to add a “insurance”. Breast dredging is known as “green chest”. The principle of breast dredging is to achieve deep dredging through aerobic exercise, which can not only avoid the obstruction and infection of breast, but also restore the breast to its original shape and repair the ovary.

The second stage: during the month: breast feeding to “re-development” and if according to the guidance of experts breast-feeding, the mother’s breasts in the breast after breast-feeding will become more plump and strong. During the month, under the guidance of authoritative obstetrics and Gynecology experts, postpartum rehabilitation mammary physiotherapists carry out regular door-to-door health care services and breast enlargement exercise one-to-one guidance to help pregnant women prevent postpartum breast obstruction, keep the breast unobstructed, ensure the adequacy of breast, prevent breast sagging and relaxation.

The third stage: after weaning: professional instrument + breast technique to achieve scientific and healthy green breast.

How to breast enhancement after delivery

Postpartum breast enlargement is something many mothers need to do after childbirth, because breast-feeding may affect the size of the mother’s chest, specific breast enlargement methods are:

At present, there are many methods of postpartum breast enlargement, such as breast movement, breast food, breast products, and breast augmentation surgery. Breast enlargement massage is the main method of breast enlargement, breast enlargement is the safest method, but the effect is slower than that of Glennon breast enlargement and breast enlargement surgery, breast enlargement massage will generally use breast oil to cooperate with massage techniques, so that both security and can eliminate breast enlargement massage slow effect drawbacks, breast food is also It’s a very healthy method, but it’s slow and conflicting for mothers who want breast enlargement and want to get back in shape.

Postpartum breast massage

Postpartum breast enlargement methods are many, massage is the most healthy, and the effect is good, you can refer to the following methods:

1. Push the breast directly: First, use the palm of the right hand on the upper part of the left breast, that is, under the clavicle to exert force, evenly and gently push down to the root of the breast, then push back along the original route, do 20 to 50 times, change the left hand massage the right breast 20 to 50 times.

2. Lateral push breast: with the left palm root and palm from the center of the chest exertion, lateral push right breast until the axillary, return to the breast tissue with five fingers, 20-50 times after repeated right hand massage left breast 20-50 times.

3. Hot compress massage breast: every night before going to bed with hot towel on both sides of the breast 3-5 minutes, with the palm massage around the breast, from left to right, massage 20-50 times. Just massage 1 times a day according to the above methods, and massage for 2~3 months can make the breast bulge 2~3 centimeters.

4, physical exercise: exercise is a good recipe for breast enhancement. Take part in physical exercise, especially exercise chest muscles, make the pectoralis major muscle develop and promote breast fullness. Usually pay attention to standing and walking posture, often keep chest and abdomen, to facilitate breast development, swimming is particularly conducive to breast fitness.