How to lose weight after delivery

How to lose weight after delivery

Postpartum weight loss is the most critical word is to adhere to, because weight gain after pregnancy and childbirth is almost inevitable, only after a considerable period of time to smooth weight loss. Below Xiaobian to introduce how to lose weight after childbirth, we together to understand postnatal weight loss tips.

1. Drinking at least 6 glasses of water a day can reduce hunger and let excess fat out of the body.

2. Breakfast is indispensable. If you want to make breakfast easier, you can eat a banana and drink a glass of milk.

3, eat more nutritious but less fat foods, such as chicken, fish and shrimp, green vegetables and so on.

4, try not to use animal oil, vegetable oil fat gain probability is very low.

5. Postpartum to develop a diet suitable for their own, such as whole-wheat bread and porridge in the morning; lunch with rice, vegetables, fish, soup and other less calorie foods; afternoon can eat some snacks to supplement physical fitness; evening drink a glass of milk, eat a little staple food. In the process of losing weight, Baoma can eat less and more meals, both to maintain physical strength, but also to avoid one-time eating too much food and weight gain.

Can postpartum runners lose weight?

Can postpartum running lose weight? The answer is yes, but the key is how long, how to run and when to run. If we can master the skills, we can achieve the desired effect.

1. After production, the first month is the recovery period of the body, at this time Baoma’s body is weak, can not carry out too clustering activities, of course, running is not suitable, after two weeks of production, can carry out some more gentle activities.

2. It is suggested that Bao-ma should run again to lose weight in six months. At this time, her body is basically recovered, and the baby has reached the stage of adding supplementary food. Don’t worry because you lose your mother’s milk because of losing weight.

3. If you put running weight loss on the agenda, suggest running two hours a day, an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening. If you can, use a treadmill to lose weight, so you don’t have to choose between taking a baby and running to lose weight.

4, the effect of running weight loss is not immediate, but requires a few months of precipitation and accumulation. Therefore, at the beginning of losing weight, we must make up our minds to avoid giving up halfway.

5, during running weight loss, if the body is discomfort, it is recommended to reduce the intensity of exercise.

6, during weight loss, after 9 pm, it is best not to eat.

Can postpartum hula hoop reduce weight?

Can postpartum hula hoop reduce weight? Hula hoop is a kind of exercise range and intensity are relatively large activities, do not recommend maternal weight loss through this method, especially just after the birth of a baby’s mother can not turn hula hoop, easy to cause colic. After three months of natural delivery, the uterus of the lying-in woman recovers almost, can turn a hula hoop appropriately; if it is cesarean section, it will take six months later.

Even when it’s time to turn hula hoops, take your time in the process of exercising. You can’t turn too hard at once. After all, there is no exercise for more than a year. Too much intensity can easily cause discomfort.

Besides the hula hoop, Bao Ma can try some other sports.

1, push the baby to the park for a walk, this is the most suitable for just finished production of the campaign.

2, when the baby is about 6 months old, she can go out for a run.