How to restore the body after delivery

How to restore the body after delivery

How to get back in shape after childbirth is a dream mothers have always wanted to achieve, because to get back in shape, then their self-confidence will also be improved, if overweight will lead to other diseases. How to restore the body after birth is mainly done through diet and exercise.

1, postpartum diet to restore body:

(1) drink plenty of warm boiled water. Drinking warm boiled water improves the body’s basic metabolic rate, consumes fat, improves physical fitness and skin, and improves immunity.

(2) a light diet. Eat less salt and avoid greasy food. Eat green products before meals to decompose fat. This is the best combination of weight loss, do not eat late every day, do not stay up late, a balanced diet to supplement vitamins, protein, etc., less fat and calories. Try to eat low-fat milk, yogurt, cheese and other dairy products and vegetables, fruits; eat less meat, fish, butter and other oily foods and animal protein.

(3) eat less and eat more. It should be noted that eating less and eating more can not be understood as frequent eating, constant food stimulation will disrupt the body’s normal secretion of digestive juice, affecting the digestion and absorption of food. Generally speaking, according to their own specific circumstances, balanced nutrition, three meals regularly, to ensure that each meal is not excessive, in hunger when the appropriate amount of additional meals, this “eat more meals” is still very beneficial.

2, postpartum exercise recovery body:

(1) Postpartum gymnastics: this is a postpartum recovery exercise that mothers often like to do, through appropriate gymnastic exercises, to promote the recovery of the mother’s body after childbirth; increase gastrointestinal peristalsis; promote uterine involution; enhance the flexibility of abdominal muscles, vaginal wall muscles, pelvic floor muscles and ligaments, can effectively prevent uterine prolapse, vaginal wall prolapse and other women Diseases can also restore beautiful posture. Selective exercises can be made within first days of puerperium.

(2) Postpartum yoga: yoga exercises can not only enhance the flexibility of perineal muscles, promote uterine contraction, prevent uterine, bladder, vaginal fall, and make the uterus return to normal position. Postpartum yoga exercises promote pelvic blood circulation, whether natural or caesarean. Because of the different mode of production, postpartum recovery is also different, can gradually begin to practice according to individual physique, postpartum yoga in many movements have slim body, visceral protection and soft muscle, increase flexibility.

(3) Postpartum jogging: Continuous jogging in a slight sweat state, the body’s energy supply will gradually shift from “burning” sugar into “burning” fat, so as to achieve weight loss. Tell mothers who want to run but are afraid of hardship to lose weight by jogging three times a week instead of running every day. But this kind of exercise is not suitable for mothers shortly after childbirth. Generally, they can jog after three months.

(4) Postpartum brisk walking: Postpartum brisk walking is a very suitable exercise for new mothers, for many new mothers, just keep brisk walking every day can be a good help to lose weight. Walking fast can help new mothers burn fat, break down sugar and fat quickly, replace muscles and organs with the energy they need, and it’s really simple and effective, and it won’t be too much, and it’s best for new mothers.

Postpartum recovery

Postpartum body deformation is not related to the mode of production, mainly with postpartum diet and exercise. Postpartum recovery is not a difficult process, the main postpartum mother through a reasonable diet and exercise regulation, whether natural birth or cesarean section, can return to a slim figure. However, because of the deep wound of cesarean section, mother if premature or excessive postpartum recovery action, easy to pull the wound, often delayed the start of exercise time. According to statistics, about 10% of the children will gradually become fat after birth. If you want to restore the original shape to prevent “fat”, we should start from training and diet.

Postpartum recovery of body diet matters needing attention

1. Confirm the calories needed for a day.

Postpartum mothers have different breastfeeding conditions, and they also need different calories. Complete Breast-feeders need about 2,500 calories a day, while powdered milk requires only 1,800 calories.

2, pay attention to food quality

For calories or other nutrients intake, the most important thing is the quality of the food, not the “amount” of food, poor quality, eat more is useless.

3, strictly control the intake of fat.

During pregnancy, the mother stores 3kg fat for breastfeeding. Therefore, postpartum should not eat too much fat food, such as sweets and instant noodles, otherwise, milk will become thick, breast is also easy to block. You should put less oil in cooking.

4, boiled vegetables are better than raw ones.

Vegetables are rich in vitamins, and stir-fried or boiled food will be better than raw food, especially to enhance the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins A, D.

5. Absorb water more.

Absorption of more water can promote the secretion of breast milk, water supply can be obtained from pork cuisine or stew, but also can absorb a large number of vitamins and protein, is really “kill two birds with one stone”.

6, breakfast must be eaten.

Breakfast should not be overlooked because of lack of sleep and loss of appetite, because breast-feeding breakfast is more important than usual and should be richer. Remember not to ruin the basic diet pattern of three meals a day.

7. Sufficient calcium.

Calcium loss in the mother body due to breast-feeding, so it is necessary to pay attention to calcium intake and increase calcium absorption of vitamin D (dried radish, bird’s nest, etc.).

8, avoid smoking, alcohol and coffee.

Smoking, alcohol, coffee and beverages containing alcohol, colors, preservatives, pregnant mothers smoking, carbon monoxide content in the blood increased, will pass through the milk to the baby, the child’s development and growth is extremely unfavorable. Moreover, the heat of alcohol and coffee is also quite high, and carelessly become the source of obesity.

9, try to eat less snacks and instant noodles.

Sweets and instant noodles will turn into fat once eaten into the body. And too many snacks can disrupt the overall diet balance, but also pay more attention to the additives in instant noodles.

Matters needing attention after recovery of body movement

1. All postpartum recovery exercises should be based on individual physical conditions to choose their own exercise mode, within their own limits to complete, preferably under the guidance of professional teachers, lest excessive stretching injuries to muscles and ligaments.

2. Feed the baby before exercise, because the body will produce lactic acid after exercise, will affect the quality of the milk meter, at least one hour after exercise before feeding.

3, the process of exercise needs to be gradual. The amplitude, frequency, duration and load should be increased gradually to avoid unnecessary injury to the body.

4. Choose comfortable and loose clothes when practicing. Practice one hour after meals. Eat one hour after practice is more scientific. Replenish water in time to avoid overheating.

5, postnatal recovery needs to be carried out in a planned and targeted way. We must combine work with rest, arrange meals reasonably, maintain the balance of meals and the rules of work and rest.