How to thin stomach after delivery

How to thin stomach after birth

1. Adequate sleep time.

Sleep is not good for postpartum thin stomach not only help, but harmful. Lack of sleep is easy to cause toxins in the body, affecting the quality of breast milk, and harmful to the baby. In addition, the accumulation of toxins will affect the metabolism of fat, so that weight loss is blocked. Therefore, mothers should ensure adequate sleep time, quality sleep also helps to maintain good mood, conducive to postpartum recovery.

2, a balanced diet

During lactation, a woman should not lean her stomach by dieting. After stopping breastfeeding, we should also pay attention to a balanced diet. Because during breastfeeding, the baby’s nutrition is basically from breast milk, at this time the mother’s nutrition must keep up. But after stopping feeding, many mothers still can’t adjust their appetite in time, and they still eat and drink. In the past, more than their own needs of nutrition are supplied to the baby through milk, and now the surplus can only be transferred to the mother, slightly inadvertent, may become a bulge. So once you stop breastfeeding, new mothers should pay attention to their own diet, eat more vegetables, fruits and milk, eat less French fries and cola.

3, abdominal massage

Do more abdominal massage after bathing, because of the birth of children, the strength of massage to master, not too hard, around the navel do a circle massage, or gently knead the belly, can help thin after childbirth.

4. Take a walk

Don’t sit down immediately after dinner. You can take a walk after dinner, which is very helpful for the thin stomach after delivery. The right way to walk is to raise your head and take a big step, roughly 60~80 meters per minute. The upper limb should swing with the rhythm of the step, and the line should be straight, not left and right. Walking for half an hour to 1 hours a day, the intensity varies from body to body, usually with slight sweating. As long as we insist on 3 weeks, we can see the obvious effect of thin stomach.

5, sit ups

After the body has basically recovered, the woman can do sit ups to get a thin stomach. The right way to do this is to lift the body 10 to 20 centimeters off the ground, tighten the abdominal muscles and pause a little, then slowly bring the body back to its original position. When the back is on the ground, it can start the next cycle. This action can eliminate the belly fleshy, also has the beautiful abdominal muscle.

How to thin stomach after cesarean section

1. Use corset tape.

After cesarean section, the use of restraint band, in addition to effectively prevent visceral prolapse, promote postpartum recovery, but also play a very good effect of thin stomach. But the restraint band must be used after the wound healed after laparotomy, proper exercise in the use process, and with a reasonable diet, the effect of abdominal thinning is better.

2, a reasonable diet

It’s not the best way to lose weight during the month and lactation. In order to ensure the recovery of postpartum body and the quality of breast-feeding, we must take in enough nutrition. If we want to achieve the effect of losing weight, we should arrange the diet reasonably, match the ingredients scientifically, drink two cups of milk every morning and evening, eat more fruits and vegetables, vegetables and fruits are rich. Vitamins and fiber. Do not overeat or eat a large number of high-fat high-protein diet, try not to eat sweets, do not eat fried food.

3. Proper exercise

Cesarean section wound healed after suture can be appropriate exercise. During the period of sitting in the moon, the lying-in woman can walk around the room properly, do some simple housework after the full moon, and run properly, jogging properly for 30 minutes every morning and evening. Yoga can also play a good role in thin stomach. In the evening, sit up with exercise, so that you can get a good weight loss effect.

When do you have thin stomach after delivery?

Many new mothers are professional women, and if their postpartum tummies do not recover well, it will affect the external image. But if postpartum weight loss exercise is carried out prematurely, because the body has not yet fully recovered, it is easy to make pelvic ligament serious relaxation, and lead to uterus, bladder, rectocele to the vagina, resulting in uterine prolapse, urinary incontinence and defecation difficulties. These symptoms often do not appear immediately after delivery, but they gradually show up with age. Postpartum diarrhea is very important for working mothers.

The best time to lose weight after delivery is two months after delivery. Don’t rush into postpartum belly reduction during the month. In addition, can cooperate with postpartum abdominal massage, postpartum abdominal gymnastics to thin, these methods are safe and effective, will not harm the mother’s body, will not affect the normal development of the baby.

Postpartum thin stomach massage

1, abdominal massage weight loss method

This method is simple and effective. It can not only be used to eliminate abdominal fat and strengthen the body, but also be suitable for many diseases of digestive system, nervous system and urogenital system. This method of operation is simple and easy to learn, and feels comfortable and effective. When you operate, lie on your bed, untie buttons and trousers, and wear only a thin piece of clothing in your abdomen. First, move from the upper abdomen to the lower abdomen 3-4 times by wave-like pushing method, then press on the upper, middle and lower abdomen with three fingers in turn, each press 2-3 times. But not after meals or especially hungry. After a month’s massage, rest for a few days and massage again. It is advisable to have pulse beating and no pain.

2, the lower abdomen fat finger pressing method.

The abdomen is the main part of fat accumulation. When massaging, if the finger is pressing the abdomen, bend the palm slightly and press it vertically for 15 seconds. If the finger is pressing the side of the abdomen, place the palm fully bent on the left and right abdomen, and press it slowly for 15 seconds in the horizontal direction.

3, abdominal Aerobics

Method 1: sitting cross legged, holding a heavy object behind the head. Lift the weight above your head, exhale and retract your abdomen, relax your upper arm, put your hands back behind your head, and inhale to relax your abdominal muscles. Do it 8~12 times over and over again.

Method two: two ankle tighten, lie on the mat, feet fixed. Tenobu Nao sat up on the top of his head, his hands touching his toes, then slowly falling down on his upper body, and repeated 10 times.

Method 3: Hold both hands on the door frame, so that the body suspended, and then forced abdomen, legs straight up, so that the legs and trunk into 90 degrees, stay for a moment and then slowly down to restore, repeatedly do 5-10.

Method four: standing naturally, the left hand is lightly pressed on the abdomen, and the right hand is placed behind the brain. Inhale slowly to retract the abdomen, while the left hand inward pressure abdomen, hold breath, and then exhale, so that the abdominal muscles gradually relax and arch forward, repeated 10 times.

Postpartum thin stomach Gymnastics

1. Vertical one legged flight.

Position: upper back, shoulders, abdomen, buttocks, four muscles of the femoris.

Methods: Stand on both feet with shoulders of the same width, knees slightly bent, hands holding dumbbells on both sides; Left leg extended behind, hips above the body forward, keep arms in the chest stretching position, palms in the palm of the hand; Exhale, arms open to both sides, concentrate on tightening the weight of the shoulders together; Body relaxed low open; Start and repeat; do the right leg 5 times and swap sides.

2, oblique push up leg extension

Location: chest, arms, abdomen, buttocks, leg tendons.

Method: Put your hands apart, shoulder-width apart, in a fixed chair or two corners of the steps, with your legs stretched out behind you in a full push-up position; inhale, bend your elbows and lower your chest; stretch your elbows out, exhale; push-ups to the top, lift your right leg off the ground to the hips, hold for 5 seconds, then lower. Repeat on the left to do push ups. Continue, change your right leg for 10 times. (the easier way is to put your knees on the ground and stretch your legs behind your back).

3, one leg to the wind, to spread the wings and squat.

Location: arms, shoulders, buttocks, four muscles of the femoris, and leg tendons.

Methods: Stand on both feet, shoulder-width apart, half-squat with dumbbells on both sides; shift the weight of the body to the right leg, bend the knee further, extend the left leg to the back of the body and leave the ground about 6 inches; at the same time, lift the arms forward to the shoulder height position; retract to the starting position, another emphasis on repetition; Sixteen alternate legs; aerobic intervals of one (two minutes): slide from side to side (one minute), then walk or jog in place (one minute).

4. Triceps extension leg tendon curl.

Location: triceps, abdominal muscles and leg tendons.

Methods: The left leg was extended one inch from the ground, the right leg was balanced; the hands were dumbbells, palms were opposite; the upper body was slightly forward, arms were extended behind; elbows were bent, both hands were pulled back on both sides, while the left knee was bent, the left foot was pulled to the hip; eight back leg changes.

5. External rotation and knee crouching.

Location: rotator cuff, buttocks, four leg muscles, leg tendons, medial thighs.

Methods: Stand, heels together, toes outward, feet in a small V shape; bend elbows, forearms crossed in front of the body, palms facing upward; left foot side out 1 to 2 feet, squat, keep knees and toes aligned; at the same time, open arms to both sides, keep elbows close to the waist; return to the starting position, in the Repeat on the right side, 15 times on each side.

6. Abdominal support rowing.

Location: shoulder, chest, abdomen, middle to upper back.

METHODS: Start a knee push-up position, with dumbbells on both hands as wide as the shoulders, touching the ground on both knees; lift your left elbow toward the chest and keep your arm close to your side; do 10, change hands and repeat; do 2 (2 minutes) aerobic intervals: skip rope with imaginary skipping (1 minute), and then slide from it. One side to the other side (one minute).