Postpartum abdomen

What are the sports for postpartum abdomen?

It can be said that postpartum abdominal closure is the first step in Baoma’s body, so what good way to make the new mother’s stomach back to the same level as before? The next Xiaobian will introduce the exercise of postpartum abdomen.

1. In October of pregnancy, the uterus will be enlarged as the fetus grows. Although the abdomen will gradually retract, it is not as tight as it used to be. At this time, it will take a period of exercise to restore the flexibility of the abdominal muscles.

2. Facing the ceiling, lying flat on your back on the bed, two knees flexion state, the feet flat on the bed, hands flat on the abdomen position, belly drum close, deep breathing exercise.

3. Continue to lie on your back, holding your back head in your hands, keeping your body in a stretching state, lifting your chest and abdomen slightly, stretching your legs up and down alternately, from small to large, from slow to fast, and doing it 50 times in a row.

4. Lie on your back in bed with your hands on the bedrail and your legs on your legs at the same time. At this time, your knees can’t bend, and your toes should keep straight. It’s best to keep your legs and body angled at right angles. When you hang up, keep it for a while and then fall down. This movement can be repeated.

5. Place your hands flat on both sides of your body. Hold your hands on the bedplate. Keep your knees flexed. After you put your feet on the bed, lift your buttocks up as far as possible. Hold them up for 4 seconds, then fall down and lift them up again and again.

6. Put your hands flat on both sides of your body. Pull your legs up as far as possible. After you stilt up, take turns pedaling your feet like a bicycle until your legs are sore.

7. Stand beside the bed with both hands on the edge of the bed, kicking back with both feet, bending the arms, pressing the body down, pausing for two or three seconds, stretching the arms, the body then up.

8. One leg stands on the ground, the other leg is bent up, one leg jumps, and then the other leg.

9. It should be noted that this set of gymnastics should be carried out three months after delivery, and the cesarean section should wait until the wound is completely healed.

When does the baby get the stomach?

Just after childbirth, the woman will feel her belly is loose and collapsed, at this time need to use abdominal band tightness, this is to prevent the maternal activity pulling uterus and pelvis. When is the best time to receive your stomach?

1. If it is a cesarean section, when the puerpera began to roll over or walk out of bed when the abdominal band will be used. The use of abdominal bands can not only protect the uterus and pelvis, wound pain will also be reduced to a certain extent.

2. Doctors generally do not recommend abdominal bands for mothers who give birth naturally, but there are still many mothers who give birth naturally using abdominal bands to get back in shape. For such groups, there is no special requirement.

3, it should be noted that some people are not suitable for using abdominal belt.

1) if a cesarean mother is allergic to the material of the abdominal band, she can not use the abdominal tape.

2) if the rash is used after the abdominal belt is taken, the abdominal band can not be used.

3) spontaneous delivery of mothers, after birth if the abdomen has a significant sense of fall, can not use abdominal band, easy to cause uterine prolapse.

What to do after delivery?

What do you do after delivery? Now the most common method of abdominal absorption is to wrap the abdomen in the abdomen. The abdominal band is also very simple to use, the abdominal band around the abdomen, and then confirm the tightness, the devil’s blanket fixed. Although the abdominal band itself can be adjusted to tighten, but the new mother in the purchase of abdominal band also pay attention to the following aspects.

1. The abdominal adduction has two types: the general type and the reinforced type. The width of the two types is similar, but the difference is in length.

2. For Petite mothers, a shorter style is recommended; for plump mothers, a longer style is recommended.

3. In the process of pregnancy, the fetus will continue to grow, pregnant women’s abdomen will gradually become larger, early purchase of abdominal belt is easy to occur unfit, the proposal to buy abdominal belt after delivery, otherwise too long or too short will cause inconvenience.