Postpartum blood supplement

How much blood can be given after delivery?

Maternal blood loss due to childbirth, if not timely blood will affect the recovery of the mother’s postpartum body and the baby’s breast-feeding.

New mothers in postpartum anemia symptoms, it will be general weakness, loss of appetite, decreased resistance, seriously affecting the health of the mother, anemia if not improved, it is likely to produce many complications, so the new mother in postpartum must be timely blood, in order to avoid the occurrence of anemia.

As the saying goes, “medicine is better than food tonic” because long-term use of drugs, will cause digestive dysfunction, only food is the safest and healthiest!

Postpartum new mothers can eat more iron-rich foods to nourish their blood, such as carrots, which are not only rich in iron but also rich in carotene, and help digestion and absorption. New mothers in postpartum diet must pay attention to a reasonable diet, balanced nutrition, to provide adequate raw materials for hematopoiesis, especially high protein, vitamin, iron and other rich trace elements. Such as animal liver, lean meat, eggs, bean products, red dates, longan are indispensable.

How to make blood quicker after delivery?

Postpartum blood transfusion is not blind. It needs maternal physical condition to select specific blood enriching methods.

Diet: There is a lot of iron in the blood, so at this time to eat more iron food, such as animal viscera, kelp, laver, spinach, celery, tomatoes, dates and so on. In addition, B vitamins are essential nutrients for red blood cell development, so eat more lean meat and other foods containing vitamin B. The last is protein, which is an important raw material for hemoglobin, so milk, fish, eggs, soy products and other protein-rich foods also need to eat more.

Drugs: postpartum anemia is more serious. Doctors will basically prescribe some iron supplements for enriching blood. Because the more serious anemia, simply rely on diet is very slow, so with drugs to supplement blood, is very conducive to the recovery of mothers after childbirth.

What fruits to nourishing after delivery?

The best way to nourish blood after delivery is to eat tonic, which is simplest and does not have to worry about side effects compared with other ways of nourishing blood.

1, longan meat: longan is also longan, it is a well-known blood enriching food, of which iron is very rich. The most common methods of eating are longan wine, longan gum, longan soup, etc.

2. Pumpkin: Pumpkin is rich in vegetable protein, vitamins, amino acids, inorganic salts and other nutrients, these are excellent nutrients for blood.

3. Yellow Cabbage: This is a kind of food containing a lot of iron, very conducive to blood, and it also diuretic and stomach.

4, radish dry: radish stem is rich in iron, and salted dried radish is a different flavor.

5. Grapes: Grapes are rich in iron, phosphorus, calcium and a variety of vitamins and amino acids, for mothers just after childbirth, has a very good tonic effect.

6, Nostoc: the Nostoc contains iron, often can be added to blood can also make hair black.