Postpartum body shaping

What are the methods of postnatal body building?

What are the postnatal methods? In order to get back to shape as soon as possible, new mothers can keep fit through breastfeeding, diet control, exercise, professional treatment and so on. As long as they stick to the correct method, they will soon be able to get back to shape.

1. Breastfeeding

According to the data, compared with breast-feeding and non-breast-feeding mothers found that breast-feeding weight loss faster than no breast-feeding.

In fact, dietitians often encourage mothers to breast-feed themselves, breast-feeding every day, but also consume a certain amount of calories. Therefore, mothers may wish to try the most economical way to save money.

2, diet control

Pregnant women in the late pregnancy should pay attention to control calories, especially to reduce the intake of high calorie food, coupled with timely exercise, can prevent postpartum obesity.

3, professional treatment

The causes of postpartum obesity are related to changes in hormones, so postpartum obesity patients before treatment, in addition to general examination, but also some more detailed hormone analysis. Or the use of natural organic products with similar structure and maternal placental hormones to assist fat metabolism, can achieve good results.

4, exercise slim

The most vulnerable parts of postpartum women are legs, abdomen, buttocks and arms. If postpartum can be timely and insist on doing some exercise, not only can save money, but also to prevent deformity, shape a slim body, so that you stay away from the shadow of postpartum obesity.

Fitness coaches say that postpartum exercise, in addition to helping to restore the body, but also to strengthen the muscles, so that the muscles do not look loose, so that wearing clothes, will have more styling and characteristics.

How long postpartum can postpartum body shaping?

How long the mothers can carry out slimming depends on the way of delivery. For mothers who have a spontaneous delivery, they usually undergo slimming for a month. For cesarean section mothers, it is necessary to wait until the abdominal wound is completely healed before the abdominal slimming treatment, usually 2-3 months after delivery. But other parts can be treated in good physical condition.

The first stage is first weeks after birth: to help the uterus and internal organs recover.

In order to meet the arduous task of “production”, the whole body joints and pelvis will become loose, coupled with visceral compression during pregnancy, as well as in the production process, muscles and ligaments will inevitably pull, or after cesarean section wound pressure, in the early postpartum selection of slimming products, should avoid too tight bundle . It is recommended to choose a light, comfortable and 24-hour wearable abdominal bandage products, with moderate elasticity, easy to wear tight pants, give the uterus moderate pressure, help the body function slowly recovery. At the same time, with proper postnatal exercise, the pelvis and vagina will return to normal.

The second stage is second weeks after delivery.

After a period of adjustment and rest, most of the body’s functions and physical strength have returned to normal, but the recovery rate of postpartum abdominal wall is not as fast as uterine contraction, so it is easy to form holes in the abdomen, resulting in fat accumulation. If you just want to rely on your original strength to regain your figure, you will have to spend more energy. It is suggested that pregnant mothers should use abdominal restraint products in the abdominal position during the day. By means of strong tightening force, the abdominal wall can be tightened to eliminate fat accumulation in the lower abdomen, while helping rectus abdominis and left and right pelvis to restore the original state. In the evening, it was suggested that the first stage of comfortable wear be replaced.

The third stage is third weeks postpartum – 6 months after birth: strengthening and shaping the perfect curve.

By this time, the internal organs, which had been squeezed upward by the uterus, would slowly return to their original position, and the postpartum lochia was reduced, so the mothers could begin to strengthen the sculpture of the curves to meet the body shape requirements. It is suggested that the functional trousers can be replaced during the day. By professional tailoring, the lower half of the body can be strengthened by abdominal compression, waistband, hip lifting and thigh tightness, and the metabolism of fat cells can be accelerated to achieve the effect of slimming sculpture. In addition, in pregnancy due to calcium loss and poor postpartum adjustment, resulting in hunchback, breast relaxation, abdominal microprotrusion phenomenon, making the lower chest circumference to the waist is difficult to eliminate the weight.

What are the products for postpartum body building?

1. Breast-feeding bra

Since the beginning of pregnancy, breasts will gradually increase with pregnancy, it is recommended to timely change into prenatal and postnatal breast-feeding bra, prenatal can give breast growth space without compression, and appropriate support to maintain the breast shape, anterior open button design to facilitate postpartum breast-feeding.

2. Corset.

If postpartum do not pay attention to recuperation and support high uterus and viscera, it is easy to droop to the lower abdomen caused by visceral ptosis and protrusion of the lower abdomen, is the root cause of female diseases and premature senility. The use of abdominal bandage after delivery can strengthen the recovery of abdominal muscles, uterine contraction and help cesarean section women analgesia, hemostasis and fixed wounds. The apron skirt also has the same effect.

3. The waist clip

The number of postpartum waistlines will increase by a couple of inches. The waist can be drawn around the waist, sculptured back and waist curves. Mothers born naturally can begin to use during confinement.

4, corset pants

It has the dual functions of abdominal bandage and underwear, preventing hip sagging, strengthening abdominal muscle recovery and beautifying thighs. The trousers are divided into lengths. Cesarean section is not suitable for women during the confinement period because of a stomach wound.

5, hip pants

Many mothers produce, hip muscles will be significantly sagging, lifting hip trousers strong sculpture function, the buttock flesh increase, tighten, in order to restore the perfect body curve. The best choice is to open the fork, elastic and moderate design, and must be able to cover the entire hip, is the best hip pants.

Postpartum body sculpting underwear

Many postpartum women worry about the recovery after childbirth, sometimes do not want to exercise every day, eat things do not want to give up, at this time can choose to wear postpartum underwear shaping method for postpartum shaping. Natural mothers can usually wear body-shaping underwear after a month, but it is best to wait until the body recovers. A cesarean mother needs 6 months after birth to wear underwear.

1, mother in labor postnatal body sculpting underwear

From a health point of view, one month after delivery can wear shaping underwear, it is best to wait for the body to recover after use. Because the body shaping clothes have a certain pressure on the body to tighten fat and flesh, and just after the birth of a child, the body is relatively weak, functional recovery will be more natural to the body’s internal health.

2, cesarean section mothers wear postnatal underwear

Six months after cesarean section, the best time to recover is to wear body sculpting underwear. Because to wait for cesarean section wound healing, the energy consumption and endocrine effect, will let the body in a state of high metabolism.

After a cesarean section wound heals, wearing a body-shaping underwear can be effective in helping the displaced viscera return to its original position during pregnancy, and in helping to expedite the discharge of lochia.

3, postpartum body underwear wear matters needing attention

Postpartum wearing body-shaping underwear at the same time to pay attention to ventilation, prevent excessive heat, sweat, leading to wound inflammation. Attention should be paid to changing underwear and keeping it dry.

Postnatal exercises

Women insist on scientific postnatal exercises after childbirth, which will help restore body shape. When doing body-building exercises, we should pay attention to the range of action, but not too long, scientific postpartum body-building exercises are: bow, boat, double leg-raising and so on.

One, bow type

Lie prone on the cushion with your arms on your side, adjust your breathing and bend your legs upwards, lean back on your upper body and neck when you breathe in, bend your legs upwards as far as possible, straighten the back of your feet, hold your hands on the toes, keep your knees off the ground as far as possible, and breathe naturally for 10-20 seconds; slowly restore your upper body when you exhale, release your hands, and retract your legs.

Efficacy: Beautiful buttocks, especially for postpartum physical recovery exercises, but also strong back muscles, stretch chest, abdomen, neck front muscle, strengthen the function of the internal organs, promote health.

Two, ship style

Lie on your back with your feet together; inhale and lift your upper body, feet, and arms upwards, hitting the floor with your hips supported by your spine. Hold your breath for 5 seconds while you breathe out, adjust your breathing, and relax.

Efficacy: It can tighten abdomen, eliminate excess flesh, stretch leg muscles, strengthen abdominal and waist strength, and promote systemic blood circulation. It is a relatively good training method for postpartum recovery.

Three, double leg lift.

Lie on the cushion, bend your elbow, support your body with your left or right arm, legs together, look ahead, breathe in with your legs together, and lift them up at the same time, then slowly restore relaxation.

Efficacy: This group of movements can strengthen the waist and abdomen strength, stretch the line of the leg, especially for reducing the waist fat, is a postpartum recovery exercise required.

Four, plow

Lie on your back with your legs together on the mat and your arms on your side; exhale with your hips and back off the ground, your legs stretching as far as possible above your head, and your toes touching the ground. Keep a deep breath of 8-10 seconds, breathe back, adjust your breathing, and practice twice.

Efficacy: It can massage abdominal viscera, relax abdomen, eliminate abdominal fat and vegetation.

Five, bridge type

Lie on your back with your arms on your side, adjust your breathing, bend your knees, keep your heels as close to the bottom of your hips as possible, lift your waist and buttocks up slowly when you inhale, put your hands behind your waist, put your shoulders on the ground, tighten your jaw, adjust your breathing, exhale slowly, and drop your body back to the ground.

Efficacy: Tighten abdominal muscles, beautify buttocks to relieve postpartum muscle relaxation, effectively reduce waist fat.

Matters needing attention in postnatal body building

1, pay attention to weight loss speed

When you see your deformed body, many mothers can’t help losing weight after childbirth. In order to be able to lose weight successfully, some mothers will even adopt radical diet methods such as diet and weight loss. Some mothers have great exercise intensity every day, and the intake is very low. This can result in a satisfactory result, but it is very harmful to the body. The first rule to lose weight after childbirth is to not pursue too much speed.

2. The best time to lose weight is half a year after delivery.

Half a year after giving birth is the best time to lose weight. If moms can seize the opportunity to get back to pre-natal shape within six months, they don’t have to worry about losing shape. Therefore, in this critical period of weight loss, new mothers should eat and exercise both, so as to lose weight quickly, but do not blindly lose weight Oh!

3, no dieting within 42 days.

Within 42 days after delivery, the new mother’s body is still in a weak state. If she diets blindly at this time, her body will send out a strong signal of crisis, and the new mothers will become very weak because of lack of adequate nutritional supplements, and ultimately not only fail to lose weight, but will also let themselves. They have been invaded by various diseases and are seriously threatening their future health. So for 42 days after birth, the best way to lose weight is to eat a balanced diet and eat more vegetables and fruits. This will allow excess fat to dissipate rapidly in metabolic function.

4, eat fruit before meals to lose weight.

New mothers must be sure to eat more fruit after childbirth, because the fruit is rich in vitamins and other nutrients will speed up gastrointestinal peristalsis, so the excess fat is quickly consumed. but