Postpartum diet

Postpartum Cookbook

After the production of women, the first thing is to rest. At the same time, it is necessary to carry out proper nurseries and supplements. Reasonable diet can replenish maternal nutrition and prevent postpartum diseases. The next Xiaobian introduces the postnatal diet.

1, millet porridge

1) Cook the millet congee until it is thick, add the stirred egg mixture and simmer for a while, then add the brown sugar to flavor.

2) millet egg porridge has the function of Supplementing Qi and activating blood, which is suitable for women who have just finished their production.

2. Ginseng and black chicken soup

1) clean the chicken after slaughtering.

2) cut ginseng and Angelica into thin slices.

3) cook the chicken until it is rotten, then add ginseng and angelica, and cook for 40 minutes.

4) add salt to seasoning.

5) this soup has a complementary effect and is suitable for a week after birth.

3. Bass ginger soup

1) wash the bass after being washed and cut into lumps and soak in rice wine to remove the fishy smell.

2) after the water is opened, add the bass and ginger fillets and turn the fish into white.

3) fish soup is rich in nutrients and is not easy to make people fat. It helps to lose weight after childbirth.

4. Fish and shrimp soup

1) cut the fish into small pieces, wash the shrimps and add the starch to the two.

2) wash the water chestnuts and peel them into small pieces.

3) after oil heat, add fish and shrimp to stir fry, then add chicken soup and water chestnut.

4) finally add chicken essence and salt.

5) When the water chestnut is translucent, it is put into corn kernels. It looks full of color, fragrance and can replenish abundant protein.

Winter postpartum diet recipes

Once the woman has just finished the production, once she gets cold, she will fall sick. It is now in winter. Maternal must keep warm measures. In addition to wrapping yourself tightly, winter postpartum diet recipes can also help a lot, the following small edition recommends several good winter postpartum supplements.

1, porridge

1) prepare 50g rice, 100g size whitebait, 5g rice wine, 1g pepper and 2G salt.

2) after cooking the rice gruel, add the small whitebait, cook it, add seasoning and stir it evenly.

3) This porridge is rich in nutrition, suitable for mothers who have just finished the production, and can timely supplement the loss of water and nutrition in the production process.

2, jujube pig feet peanut soup

1) prepare 1 pig feet, 250g peanuts, 20g angelica, 150g red dates, 2 bottles of rice wine and 100g Astragalus.

2) pig feet water, soak out in cold water.

3) after 4 hours of soaking, the peanuts are boiled in the pot until soft.

4) Pork feet, peanuts, yellow jasmine and jujube are slowly stewed together in a pot. Rice wine and water are added to cover all the ingredients.

5) cook until the pig’s feet are soft and completely ripe, then put them in the angelica and then seasoning.

6) this soup is suitable for one week postpartum consumption, can provide the body’s nutrition, but also make up for deficiency.

3. Egg milk and crucian carp soup

1) prepare 1 Carassius auratus, 20g egg milk, 10g onion, 10g ginger, 5 pepper, and the right amount of salt and chicken essence.

2) the crucian carp should be kept clean after being treated.

3) put the crucian carp in 3 of the hot oil.

4) add proper amount of water and seasoning, simmer for 40 minutes.

5) when you start the pot, add the egg milk, the mellow taste, this soup can play the role of lactation.

4. In addition to the above broth, mothers can also drink more millet porridge, red bean porridge, eat more grains and miscellaneous grains, the body will recover faster.

Postpartum milk diet

Breastfeeding can provide the best nutrition for the baby, but also cultivate parent-child relationship, many mothers now choose breastfeeding. After the production, if you find that there is not enough milk, you have to adjust through the postpartum milk recipe.

1. There are many kinds of ingredients that can stimulate milk, such as peanuts, Luffa melon, water lily, peas, tofu, black sesame, asparagus, golden needle vegetables and so on. These ingredients can be seen everywhere in life. Adding these ingredients to the soup can play a very good role in promoting milk.

2, peanut pig soup

1) take 2 pigs, 150g peanuts, the right amount of salt and MSG.

2) cut the pork hoof into small pieces after processing, and add the peanuts together to the pot, add water and simmer slowly.

3) after the pork hoof is rotted, add seasoning.

4) peanuts trotters soup has the effect of enriching blood and milk, and is simple and easy to operate.

3, Huangqi black chicken soup

1) One old hen, 50 g Astragalus membranaceus, 10 red dates, 15 g Lycium barbarum, 1 scallion, 2 slices of ginger, proper amount of salt and rice wine.

2) make Astragalus into a material bag and cut the green onion into small pieces.

3) the hen is cut into small pieces after it is water.

4) slowly cook the chicken for one hour, then add salt and rice wine to seasoning.

4, pig hoof Tong Cao Decoction

1) take 2 pig hoof, 3 green onion, 6G grass.

2) slow the stew of prepared ingredients.

3) both the trotters and the grass have the effect of lactation, drink 3 times a day for 3 days.