Postpartum nursing contraindication

Don’t pay attention to cleaning in time.

Because of the traditional misconception that sitting on the moon does not touch water, some mothers do not do enough to clean their bodies, which is very easy to cause infection. If you do not bathe for a long time, do not wash your hair, not only affect maternal mood, but also accumulate a large number of pathogens on the skin and mucosa will take advantage of the virtual, causing folliculitis, endometritis, mastitis and so on, and even septicemia.

Normal delivery of puerpera, 2-5 days after delivery can take a bath, as long as pay attention to 24 hours without a bath on it. Bath with a shower, and time should not be too long, each time 5-10 minutes, water temperature to 34-36 degrees Celsius, take a bath after shampoo attention to keep warm. If the delivery is not smooth, excessive bleeding or wounds, and usually poor physique, do not reluctantly, you can ask your family to help in the morning and evening warm water bath.

Postpartum love tights

Some moms can’t wait to put on tights in order to look good and prettier. In fact, postpartum not only can not wear tights, but also a little tight underwear and underwear. Wearing tight shaping underwear will affect the health of the body, not conducive to post-natal recovery, especially in caesarean section.

Experts recommend that postpartum period, should choose a large belt or flat-footed underwear, will make the maternal wound feel more comfortable. If you want to wear tights, it’s best to start wearing them one month after delivery, but breast-feeding mothers should still stick to the use of breast-feeding bra.

Postpartum use of wrong sanitary napkin

After childbirth, puerpera vulva part usually leaves a wound, ordinary sanitary towel is made of synthetic fiber, because it contains chemical composition, impurities, easy to fluff, friction coefficient is large, easy to fall off, easy to produce static electricity, very easy to stimulate the sensitive wound of puerpera, increase maternal pain, cause maternal infection.

In addition, ordinary sanitary napkin has the characteristics of general water absorption, easy leakage and backflow, and can not deal with massive lochia after delivery. In the process of using, the surface of sanitary towel is humid and sultry, which not only makes the parturient feel uncomfortable, but also contains nutrients suitable for rapid growth of bacteria. Visible, the new mother after childbirth, in the choice of postpartum practical sanitary napkins, must not be lightly, casually use sanitary napkins.

Afraid of pain, do not urinate defecate.

Many postpartum mothers will be afraid to urinate or defecate when to exert themselves, and get wound pain, so can not urinate and defecate in time, in fact, this approach is not advisable.

Mommy should urinate promptly after delivery, which is a major event in the postpartum recovery period. Once urine retention occurs, swollen bladder may affect uterine contraction and is not conducive to postpartum recovery. In addition, some parturients only eat fish and meat in order to supplement, eat less vegetables and fruits, drink less water, but also easy to cause constipation.