Postpartum recovery Gymnastics

Postpartum recovery gymnastics how to do

Postpartum recovery gymnastics can help postpartum mothers pelvic ligament alignment recovery, abdominal and pelvic muscle group function recovery, so that postpartum mothers recover early, establish confidence. It can also be applied to other women who are used to exercise the muscles of related parts to make them more beautiful.

Experts said that the mother in the postpartum pelvic floor, anus, vagina, abdomen, hip muscle relaxation, according to gymnastics in the first time targeted exercise, such as breathing, anal movement, hip movement, sit-ups and so on. When feeding infants, the head, neck and shoulders of puerpera are easily affected. The movement of raising the head can prevent the head, neck and shoulders from straining and relieve the pressure.

In addition, due to the custom of sitting on the moon, some mothers will be in accordance with the custom of sitting on the moon at home, but lying in bed for a long time easily lead to poor circulation of the lower limbs, venous embolism, leg movement can promote blood circulation, sitting mothers may wish to carry out early targeted exercise.

The first section: breathing movement. Lie on your pillow and put your hands in your abdomen. When you breathe in, your abdominal muscles contract as far as possible.

The second section: anus movement. Inhale the anal sphincter and exhale as much as possible.

The third section: hip movement. When inhaled, the muscles of the buttocks and pelvic floor contracted and relaxed when exhaled.

The fourth section: lifting movement. When you breathe in, your chin is lifted up as far as possible. When you exhale, your chin is as close as possible to your chest.

The fifth section: sit ups. Bend your legs and stretch your hands flat. Lift your head and upper body off the bed as much as possible while inhaling, and lean back to your legs as much as possible. Lie down gently when exhaling.

The sixth section: leg movement. When inhaling, the foot should be laid flat on the bottom of the bed, and the heel should be as close to the buttocks as possible. Then change legs and move forward.

It should be reminded that if there is a caesarean mother, then in the practice of sit-ups this movement, attention should be paid to abdominal wounds, according to strength, exercise in order not to involve the wound. Mother (one day after birth, three days after cesarean section) can resume postpartum Gymnastics in bed, twice a day, 8 beats per session.

How to do abdominal exercises after delivery?

Postpartum abdominal gymnastics is a kind of exercise to help postpartum mothers reduce their abdomen. Mothers do not know how to do postpartum abdominal gymnastics. Postpartum abdominal gymnastics is mainly composed of five movements. It can see the effect. Mothers should keep doing postpartum abdominal gymnastics. Postpartum abdomen exercises are:

1, face down, lie on the mat, hands Mumae Nobunao.

2, the hands are retracted to the sides of the upper part.

3. Put your upper body up with your elbows and your toes on the ground. Put your whole body up and keep a horizontal position from head to toe for 10 seconds. Time can also be adjusted according to individual physical condition, but the abdominal muscles need to feel slightly acidic, in order to achieve the effect of sculpture body curve.

4, then slowly restore the posture of lie down, and stretch your hands forward.

5, you can do what you like, and do it at least 4 times a time.

Efficacy: for small stomach or stomach convex, the effect is particularly good.

Matters needing attention:

Pay attention to keep the head-to-foot level, the waist must be supported not to subside, otherwise easy to produce pressure on the lumbar spine.