Postpartum recovery Yoga

Postpartum recovery Yoga how to do

Postpartum recovery yoga is different from ordinary sports, the movement must be scientific in place, otherwise it will also make itself hurt.

Suggestion: ship type

1. lie on your back and straighten your legs. The arms are flat, and the palms are downward.

2. inhale and lift the head, upper body, torso, legs and arms together and leave the ground. Both arms should be straight forward parallel to the ground while breathing and not exhaling, while maintaining this posture as long as possible, with no reluctant effort to prevail.

3. slowly exhaling, gradually reducing the legs and torso and relaxing the whole body. Repeat this exercise 3 times.

Effects: it helps abdominal organs and muscles, and helps to promote intestinal peristalsis and improve digestive function.

Recommendation: cat stretching

1. kneel down and sit on the heel and straighten your back.

2. raise your hips and put your hands on the floor. Inhale, raise your head and contract your back muscles for 5 seconds.

3. exhaling, lowering your head, arch your spine, and hold it for 5 seconds. Arms straight, perpendicular to the ground.

Function: helps the uterus return to its normal position.

Suggestion: Tiger type

1. kneeling down at the beginning, sitting on your feet on your hips, and straightening your spine. Put your hands forward, put them on the floor, raise your hips, and make a crawl posture.

2. eyes look straight ahead, breathe in, and your right leg extends back. If you don’t breathe, bend your right knee and point your knees to your head. Keep your eyes gazing for 5 seconds.

3. Exhale, put the knee-bending leg under the hip, close to the chest, toes above the ground, eyes down, nose close to the knee, the spine should be arched. Restore the right leg to the back and do 5 times for each leg.

Function: reduce the fat in the hip and thigh area and strengthen the reproductive organs.

How long do yoga practice after recovery?

Postpartum recovery yoga is a very good way of fitness, weight loss effect is excellent, the specific length of practice should be based on the specific circumstances of everyone.

(1) third days after delivery: abdominal breathing.

1. Lie down on the bed, relax your feet, turn left and right, and place your hands in the abdomen.

2. Relax your chest, breathe in, protrude your abdomen, breathe in Dantian, exhale, concave your abdomen, breathe in and out several times.

3, restore, relax and adjust your interest.

Efficacy: Eliminate exhaust gas, promote blood circulation, help to restore postpartum physical strength, regulate endocrine, eliminate tension and pressure, prevent postpartum depression, so that postpartum relaxation of the birth canal to restore elasticity.

(2) fifth days after delivery: facial massage

1, two hands rub 10 times, generate a sense of heat.

2. Align the other four fingers with the exception of the thumb at the corners of the mouth and gently massage them up and down the cheek for 10 times. When your fingers move to the top, exhale and breathe in when you drop.

3, use index finger, middle finger, ring finger three pairs of fingers to press the tail part of the eye. Exhale 6 seconds strong, breathe in when you let go, repeat 10 times.

Efficacy: promote blood circulation in the face, remove the small wrinkles on the cheeks and corners of the postpartum.

(3) fifteenth days after birth: simple wheeled.

Efficacy: It can tighten the relaxed gluteal and leg muscles, eliminate excess flesh, strengthen knee joints, prevent leg and stomach cramps, and massage the neck to strengthen the function of trachea, thyroid and tonsils.

1. Lie deep on the ground and breathe deeply.

2. Breathe in, bend your knees, hold your feet in both hands and exhale.

3. Inhale and push the buttocks up slowly to the limit, exhale, and tighten the muscles of the anus and buttocks. Stay for a few seconds to breathe deeply.

4, restore, adjust interest.

Postpartum yoga is a movement that promotes blood circulation in the pelvic cavity. Whether it is a cesarean section or a spontaneous birth, it can be practiced gradually during this period according to one’s physical fitness and wound healing.

Advantages of practicing yoga after birth

Postpartum recovery yoga is a popular postpartum recovery exercise, as long as scientific practice, it has many benefits.

1, postnatal yoga can restore slim and graceful figure.

6 months after delivery is the golden opportunity for physical recovery. Proper postpartum yoga exercise can improve blood circulation, restore skin tension and reduce fat accumulation, more can eliminate excess fat in the abdomen, buttocks, thighs and other places, restore the graceful posture before pregnancy.

2, postpartum yoga can adjust the postpartum mentality.

Because the postpartum Yoga specific posture, effective breathing, calm meditation, can help new mothers eliminate the physical and psychological problems generated when a mother, so that new mothers can adjust the mood, prevent postpartum depression.

3, restore body energy

New mothers tend to be physically weak and depressed after delivery. Yoga is of great help to the recovery of body energy. Postpartum recovery not only refers to the recovery of the body, but also to the recovery of all organs in the body.

4. Prevent breast ptosis.

Postnatal yoga exercise can make the new mother’s milk adequate, giving the baby a healthy, joyful and healthy milk. At the same time, the new mothers’ breasts become firm and elastic, and can prevent breast ptosis after breastfeeding.