Postpartum slimming clothes

How often do you wear slimming clothes after delivery?

Slimming clothes can be used for postpartum mothers slimming, but postpartum can not immediately use slimming clothes, otherwise it will affect the recovery of the maternal body.

1. How long can we wear body shaping clothes after birth?

From a health point of view, one month after delivery can wear body-building clothes, it is best to wait for the body to return to use. Because the body shaping clothes have a certain pressure on the body to tighten fat and flesh, and just after the birth of a child, the body is relatively weak, functional recovery will be more natural to the body’s internal health.

2. How long can we wear body sculpting after cesarean section?

Six months after cesarean section, it is the best time to recover. Because to wait for cesarean section wound healing, the energy consumption and endocrine effect, will let the body in a state of high metabolism.

After a cesarean section wound heals, wearing body-shaping clothes can effectively help the displaced viscera in pregnancy return, and help to expedite the discharge of lochia.

3, postpartum wear body clothing matters needing attention

Postpartum wearing body-building clothes at the same time to pay attention to ventilation, to prevent excessive heat, sweat, leading to wound inflammation. Attention should be paid to changing clothes and keeping them dry.

What kind of thin clothes do you wear after delivery?

Slimming clothes are the most important tool for lying-in women to lose weight after childbirth. There are many styles and types of slimming clothes on the market now, so we can choose them properly.

1, consider your needs before buying, and ask yourself what you want to achieve with these products.

2, because it is a close fitting material, the choice of material is very important, and the best part is cotton.

3, not necessarily expensive products are more effective, the purchase of goods than three, to buy their own products.

4, we need to buy products with no problems and brands.

5, do not buy too tight products in order to achieve quick results, so as not to hurt the body.

6, use the product as an auxiliary product, do not regard the product as the sole body building worker.

How to wear postpartum slimming clothes?

Now very popular postpartum wearing thin clothes to thin, want to thin clothes to achieve results, we must first learn to wear it.

Step 1: After putting on the bra, fold the skinny clothes from inside and outside to the waist of the skinny clothes, like a pair of shorts.

Step 2: Put your feet into the slimming trousers, slowly pull them up to the buttocks, so that the buttocks are completely covered.

Step 3: Slide the right palm down the outside of the thigh to the thigh 2/3, turn the palm back to the inside of the thigh, and pull the fat from the inside of the thigh up to the right buttock (the left and right steps are repeated).

Step 4: Try to squat down a few times to make sure the middle line is right behind the hip and the crotch is on the bottom. Then adjust the trouser tube and check if the slimming pants are flat and uncomfortable.

Correctly wearing slimming clothes, can achieve the effect of slimming, therefore, postpartum mothers must not be quick, must wait until the body recovers to health, can wear slimming clothes.