Postpartum weight loss

How to lose weight after childbirth

Many mothers gain weight after childbirth, mainly because mothers exercise less and eat more during the month, so they become fatter than before pregnancy. Postpartum mothers are also very concerned about the restoration of body weight, then how to lose weight after childbirth? Mothers need to pay attention to the following six points in their daily life.

1, control calories and fat. Always be careful of the calories of food, reduce fat in the diet, increase the number of fish and poultry.

2, diet should be light. The less you eat salt and the more salty things you eat, the more you want to eat. Eat less processed foods with sauces, which are rich in sugar, salt and flour, and it will increase your calories.

3, often eat fruits and vegetables. Eat moderate amounts of fruit, vegetables and whole wheat bread.

4, a balanced diet. Plan your own diet every day according to the plan, and pay attention to timing and not to eat too much. To slow down the time of eating, the time of each meal is not less than 20 minutes.

5, negative heat balance. The principle of losing weight: calorie intake must be less than your consumption.

6, will decide the effect and quality of losing weight.

How long can you lose weight after delivery?

How long can you lose weight after delivery? Experts pointed out that six months after delivery is the golden age for new mothers to lose weight. But the new mother who has just delivered soon can not dieting blindly. Because just after childbirth, the body is not fully restored to pre-pregnancy level, coupled with some new mothers are still bearing the heavy burden of feeding, this is the time to supplement nutrition.

If breast-feeding is the case, it is usually recommended to start active weight loss exercise after 6-8 weeks of birth, as the postpartum body needs time to recover and maintain a good milk supply.

Postpartum weight loss Gymnastics

Postpartum weight loss gymnastics is one of the effective ways for postpartum mothers to lose weight, if you can adhere to postpartum weight loss gymnastics, I believe that in postpartum, the mother will soon be able to recover, will not affect the growth of the baby. Specific postpartum weight loss gymnastics is as follows:

The next day: lie on your back with your arms straight and flat on both sides, at right angles to your trunk, then move your arms straight and elbows closer to your chest, clap your hands and return to your original position. Repeat 5 times. This exercise can also be practiced on the first day.

Day 3: Lie on your back and bend your neck forcefully so that your chin touches your chest, but you can’t move the rest of your body. Repeat 10 times.

The fourth to the seventh day is the same as the third day.

Day 8: Lie on your back, put your arms on your side naturally, bend your left leg first so that your thighs are as close to your abdomen as possible, while your heels are close to your hips, and then recover. Alternating left and right legs, 5 times each.

Ninth days and eighth days.

Day 10: Lie on your back, straighten your legs, slowly fold your feet together, keep your knees close to each other and gradually bend to 90 degrees, then lift your hips, support your trunk with your feet and shoulders, and contract your abdominal and perineal muscles. Exercise according to your physical condition.

Eleventh days and tenth days.

There are two exercises in twelfth days. The first section: supine, knee flexion, arms folded in front of the chest, and then slowly sit up into a semi-recumbent position, and then restore the original position. The second section: supine, knee flexion, arms up straight, do sit-ups. Do what you like and practice.

This section can be practised below the doctor’s permission. Before you practice, you should relieve yourself of urination, practise once a day in the afternoon, and persist for 2 minutes each time. Kneel position, knees apart, 45 cm apart, straight back, thighs and bed vertical, elbows and forearms support the upper body. To maintain this position for 2 minutes, the exercise time can be increased, but not more than 5 minutes.

How to restore the body after delivery

1, establish a correct concept.

The new mother who has just delivered soon can’t go on a diet blindly to lose weight. Because just after childbirth, the body is not fully restored to pre-pregnancy level, coupled with some new mothers are still bearing the heavy burden of feeding, this is the time to supplement nutrition.

Forced postpartum diet, not only will lead to slow physical recovery of new mothers, serious postpartum complications may also lead to a variety of. Taking diet pills is even more undesirable. Lactating new mothers take diet pills, most of which are excreted from the milk, which means that your baby has taken a lot of them with you.

2, adjust the diet reasonably.

Postnatal diet matching plays a vital role in the smooth progress of body weight reduction. To ensure adequate nutritional intake of baby and new mother, the diet must be rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, such as fish, lean meat, eggs, milk, fruit and vegetables.

New mothers should try to eat unsaturated vegetable oil, the less oil the better, high-fat salad dressing, peanut butter are easy to fatten food, new mothers had better eat less. New mothers should eat a moderate amount of dairy products, but should pay attention to choose low-fat, skimmed milk as far as possible, and should not choose condensed milk, flavored milk. Desserts and snacks are also not suitable for new mothers who want to lose weight, especially cakes and chocolates, which are especially high in calories and should be properly controlled.

3. Proper aerobic exercise

The next day after birth, new mothers can get out of bed and walk first, while new mothers with more blood loss, low blood pressure and caesarean section walk better on the third day. Experts say postpartum exercise should adhere to three principles:

(1) avoid strenuous exercise. In order to lose weight quickly, many mothers do strenuous exercises immediately after childbirth, which may affect the recovery of the uterus and cause bleeding. In severe cases, the surgical wound or vulva incision during childbirth may be damaged again. Don’t forget that warm-up exercises and post mortem exercises can not be enough before taking exercise.

(2) Choose light, moderate intensity aerobic exercise, and persevere, which is conducive to weight loss, and can effectively prevent rebound after weight loss. Aerobic exercise has excellent fat burning effects, including jogging, walking, swimming, cycling, aerobic dancing, and so on, and the time to carry out at least 12 to 15 minutes, to effectively burn fat, should continue for more than 30 minutes.

(3) avoid the alternation of quick success and instant benefits and lazy and comfortable mentality. Once the belief of postnatal fitness is established, do not easily break your psychological line of defense and not indulge. ” On the one hand can not give up halfway, occasionally gluttonous sleep; on the other hand, do not rush to achieve, sometimes into the gym for a few hours. Peace of mind and postpartum weight loss.

The best time to lose weight after childbirth

Breast-feeding is the best time for postpartum women to recover their body shape. It requires mothers to make comprehensive adjustments to their life, diet, recuperation and exercise so as to achieve a more ideal weight level.

If breastfeeding is a common practice, it is usually recommended to start an active weight loss exercise after the baby is 6-8 weeks old, as the postpartum body needs time to recover and maintain a good milk supply. And there are many ways to lose weight, do not have to start after weaning weight loss, in fact, breast-feeding, weight loss will be faster, the effect will be better, as long as the right way to lose weight, do not blindly diet weight loss.

Before starting regular sports, doctors need to be recognized. Researchers found that moderate-intensity exercise did not affect the ability of mothers to breast-feed, but also helped lose weight and maintain results. Postpartum weight loss needs to take into account more dietary and other factors, must not blindly take diet pills to lose weight, should be scientific and healthy weight loss methods, so that the new mother can be more healthy postpartum weight loss without affecting the baby’s breastfeeding.