Postpartum weight loss method

What are the postpartum weight loss methods?

What are the postpartum weight loss methods? Postpartum weight loss can not be achieved overnight, because after a long period of time after childbirth, the maternal body is relatively weak, especially to breastfeeding mothers, in weight loss is more cautious.

1. If the puerpera does not want the body to get fat too serious, they can choose some nutrient-rich, but not much calorie food, such as fish, lean meat, can meet their body needs, but also avoid the accumulation of calories and fat.

2. The postpartum diet should be lighter. Generally speaking, if you eat more salty food, you will want to eat more and more, and your appetite will grow.

3. Postpartum diet can follow the principle of eating less and eating more, so that weight will be slowly reduced, while nutrition and baby’s milk supply will not be affected.

4, besides controlling diet, Bao Ma can start with exercise. When you have just finished production, you should pay attention to rest. Half a month or so, you can properly carry out activities, such as yoga is a relatively small range of action is a good choice.

5. Finally, in order to achieve the goal of losing weight, determination and perseverance are necessary. If you can not adhere to the long-term diet and exercise plan, the goal of losing weight will eventually disappear.

How to lose weight quickly after delivery

It is not easy to lose weight easily after childbirth, no matter what kind of weight loss methods, only long-term adherence will achieve results. How to lose weight quickly after delivery? The answer to this question must be a lot of treasure mothers want to know, the following summary of small postpartum weight loss methods quickly.

1. Diet should not be too early, at least wait until the baby two months before starting to lose weight, otherwise it will affect their physical recovery, but also affect the supply of milk.

2. Postpartum weight loss is not fast, because excess weight on the body is accumulated after 10 months, so in the formulation of weight loss goals must be realistic.

3, exercise should be gradual and persistent. Exercise should be stopped within three months after birth, because the first three months are still the recovery period of body wounds, and vigorous exercise will directly affect the recovery of the body. By the time the baby is six months old, the baby’s body is basically in a state of recovery, you can do some weight loss exercise as before.

4. If it is breast-feeding, in the process of losing weight, do not forget to leave the baby with 1,800 calories, so as to give the baby milk.

5. Eat carefully and slowly. Eating too fast will not help you lose weight.

6. Breakfast must be eaten, otherwise it will affect the effect of weight loss, but will make oneself feel all day without energy.

7. Baoma should eat more fruit and drink less fruit juice and coffee sold in supermarkets. These juices contain added sugar, which is not conducive to weight loss. When eating snacks, you should also eat healthy snacks and try not to eat high calorie biscuits.

8. Losing weight is not equal to dieting, diet is not helpful to lose weight, but will make their body weaker and weaker, not worth the loss.

9. Fast weight loss tends to store the toxins in the body fat and then into the blood and milk, which is not conducive to maternal and baby health.

How to lose weight after delivery

Control of diet is essential if you want to lose weight after delivery. But diet control does not mean diet, but “eat something without eating”, that is, eat more conducive to weight loss and nutrition, eat less meat-prone foods. Xiaobian below describes how postpartum diet lose weight.

1. Milk is rich in nutrients, calcium can inhibit cholesterol deposition in the vascular wall; in addition, the calories in milk, is very suitable for maternal food.

2. Pectin and cellulose in apples have the function of reducing fat, which is beneficial to postpartum weight loss and can supplement vitamins needed by the body.

3. Garlic contains sulfur compounds, can reduce the blood cholesterol content, effectively prevent the formation of thrombosis, in addition, garlic also has the role of disinfection.

4, leek contains a large amount of dietary fiber and carotene, which can burn excess fat in the intestines.

5, carrot is rich in pectin, pectin and bile acid mixture will promote excrement excretion.

6, kiwifruit is rich in nutrients and has very little calories. It can play a certain role in losing weight.